If you’ve ever heard of Epic Systems, you probably know how many modules they offer to provide a personalized experience for any specialty…

Read on to learn more about each module, as well as how your organization can benefit from them.

What is Epic Software?

Epic Systems offers specialized software solutions intended to help healthcare organizations improve operational efficiency, meet federal compliance requirements, and enhance the quality of patient care, regardless of their organization’s size, scope, or specialty.

The Epic software system is used in more than 250 healthcare organizations throughout the United States, and it is one of the leading technologies used for managing electronic health records (EHRs) and other important patient records in a single solution.

Whether you’re looking for additional support for your obstetrics department, better planning capabilities for cancer treatment plans, a more efficient way to schedule patient appointments, or anything in between, Epic software is sure to have a module to meet your needs.

List of Epic Modules

Epic Systems provides an integrated platform that helps streamline internal operations, seamlessly connect all areas of the patient experience, and improve the quality of patient care in a wide variety of healthcare facilities, including major hospital systems, private practices, and more.

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the major Epic modules, as well as where they fit in your healthcare organization…

Epic Ambulatory Module

EpicCare Ambulatory is one of the foremost modules within the entire Epic system. It’s used mostly in primary care and specialty clinics, and it helps providers place orders, send prescriptions, document patient visits, view test results, and communicate with patients.

Epic ASAP Module

Epic ASAP ER is a module designed to manage patient visits to the Emergency Room (ER). This ER-specific module not only helps nurses and doctors track room or bed status, but it also efficiently communicates with staff members by displaying statuses on monitors throughout the ER.

Epic Beacon Oncology Module

The Beacon Oncology module is built to simplify treatment plans for patients undergoing chemotherapy. While most other treatments within hospitals or health systems are considered inpatient or outpatient, cancer treatments fall under the umbrella of series visits, meaning they are continuous over a longer amount of time.

Epic Beaker Module

Epic Beaker is a module specific to managing hospital lab orders through an HL7 interface. Orders placed in other areas of the Epic system or other external systems or applications are transferred to the Beaker system with an HL7 processing interface. Beaker simplifies workflows between Epic and non-Epic systems and streamlines operations for clinical and anatomic pathology labs.

Epic Bridges Module

Bridges provides the functionality needed to configure, install, manage, and maintain interfaces that connect Epic to other external systems and applications. The Bridges module includes pre-built templates for HL7 and other healthcare communication protocols and standards to support interactions between fixed and non-standard clinical data.

Epic Bugsy Module

Epic Bugsy is an infection control module intended to monitor patients at risk for infection and proactively prevent the spread of infectious diseases throughout a hospital or healthcare facility. The Bugsy module not only helps identify patients in need of isolation, but it also makes reporting infections to disease registries easier and seamlessly integrates with Epic Beaker to streamline disease testing.

Epic Cadence Module

Epic Cadence is a module designed to simplify scheduling processes for outpatient and specialty clinics. With Cadence, staff members can easily book appointments, view schedules throughout the entire clinic, and check patients in upon arrival.

Epic Cheers Module

Cheers is Epic’s customer relationship management (CRM) designed to help users keep up with changing patient needs, improve patient engagement and ownership, and offer a better experience for Epic staff members, doctors, and patients. With Cheers, users can leverage real-time feedback to manage patient sentiment, automate manual processes to save time, customize patient outreach strategies to meet patient needs, and more.

Epic Caboodle Module

Epic Caboodle (also known as Cogito Data Warehouse) is comprised of the internal data warehouse and advanced analytics tools used to manage, retrieve, and store large amounts of data throughout a clinical health system. Caboodle data warehouses can also integrate data from non-Epic systems to further improve predictive analysis, cost management, and decision-making processes.

Epic Cupid Module

Cupid is Epic’s module for cardiology management. It offers specialized tools designed to not only streamline cardiac care processes throughout your organization, but also facilitate integrations that bring readings from external EKG devices and patient electronic health record data together in one place.

Epic Grand Central Module

Epic Grand Central, formerly known as Epic ADT, streamlines the Admission-Discharge-Transfer process for patients within a healthcare facility. With Grand Central, organizations can manage hospital stays more efficiently and improve bed utilization for admitted patients.

Epic Haiku Module

Epic Haiku is the app available for Apple and Android users that allows medical providers to access and view a mobile version of EpicCare Ambulatory wherever and whenever they need it. Haiku gives users the opportunity to access schedules, view and respond to test results, access patient lists, and more through their own mobile device.

Epic Healthy Planet Module

Healthy Planet is Epic’s population health management solution designed to help providers receive reimbursements for positive patient outcomes and manage patient populations more efficiently. The Healthy Planet module is directly related to the Affordable Healthcare Act, and it provides dashboards, reports, and other tools to manage patient populations both in and apart from accountable care organizations (ACOs).

EpicCare Home Health Module

EpicCare Home Health (also known as Dorothy) is a module designed to facilitate better care in home health settings and provide a way for visiting caregivers to document care completed in a patient’s home. The Home Health module also allows care providers to complete documentation procedures without Internet connection, simplifying patient monitoring regardless of location.

Epic Kaleidoscope Module

Kaleidoscope is a module that streamlines Ophthalmology practices. With the Kaleidoscope module, optometrists and ophthalmologists can perform eye exams, write prescriptions for glasses or contacts, and document eye related procedures for patients.

Epic OpTime Module

Epic OpTime is designed to give users a more efficient way to improve operating room (OR) utilization, availability, and functionality, and enhance documentation processes for data in operating facilities. OpTime has capabilities for managing both inpatient and outpatient day surgery.

Epic Prelude Module

Prelude (also known as ADT Patient Registration) is Epic’s patient registration module designed to cover hospital registration and insurance management functions throughout healthcare facilities. The Prelude module works hand-in-hand with Epic Cadence and helps users track patient status more efficiently.

Epic Radiant Module

Epic Radiant is a module built to provide documentation, image viewing, and film tracking functionality for members of an organization’s Radiology department.

Epic Resolute Module

Epic Resolute covers both Hospital Billing (HB) and Professional Billing (PB) by providing a comprehensive tool that helps collect and review charges, conduct billing processes, follow up on outstanding accounts, and collect payment for patient care.

Epic Stork Module

Stork is Epic’s Obstetrics management module that makes managing pregnancy episodes for outpatient facilities and documenting deliveries in the hospital easier.

Epic Willow Module

Willow is Epic’s pharmacy application intended to streamline workflows for healthcare providers within a centralized pharmacy. Epic Willow not only helps providers keep better track of medications through a central pharmacy, but it also offers both inpatient and outpatient versions to facilitate better care both within hospital walls and beyond.

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