When it comes to optimizing emergency room operations and improving overall process efficiencies, easily accessible information and functional workflows are at the top of the priority list.

Unlike other Epic modules and applications, like Kaleidoscope and Cupid, that are focused on more niche functionality (i.e., using the former to perform eye exams and the latter to serve cardiology practices), Epic ASAP offers capabilities that span the entire emergency room.

From providing bed statuses on monitors in nursing stations to integrating patient records and treatment plans, and so much more, Epic ASAP is sure to make a difference in your emergency room.

Read on to learn how the Epic ASAP module (and our senior-level Epic consultants) can help your organization do just that.

What is Epic ASAP?

Epic ASAP is a clinical information system application designed to help emergency room (ER) personnel efficiently manage patient populations, monitor bed statuses and room occupations, and display important clinical data on monitors within ER workstations.

The Epic ASAP module enables users to…

  • Streamline core workflows and other clinical tasks within the Emergency department
  • Access patient registration information and comprehensive patient records to determine the best treatment plans for patients
  • Integrate with other Epic applications (i.e., Epic Prelude, Epic Healthy Planet, Epic Caboodle Data Warehouse, etc.) to improve quality of care
  • Reduce transcription costs and wait times for admitted patients and ER staff members
  • Use advanced decision-support functionality to make better decisions concerning treatment and care plans for patients

And, with more than 730 companies, including those in the Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations, Information Technology (IT), and Higher Education industry sectors, Epic ASAP has the functionality needed to meet all your needs.

Epic ASAP Module vs EpicCare Ambulatory Module

When choosing the right Epic software to meet your needs, it’s important to review your current clinical workflows and choose Epic modules that will not only optimize your day-to-day operations, but also improve flexibility and functionality within your Epic system to provide a better experience for patients, physicians, inpatient nursing staff, and other hospital staff members.

Before making the switch to a new Epic module or system all together, consider the impact a switch like that would have on your most instrumental workflows, such as…

  • Admission-discharge-transfer processes
  • Cross-collaboration of staff members across departments
  • Managing, tracking, and storing patient information across the care continuum
  • Hospital registration and admission processes for new patients

And, while the Epic ASAP module is designed to improve Emergency Room functions, it’s important to consider how integrations with other Epic solutions could affect operations in hospitals, health systems, outpatient and specialty clinics, and other healthcare organizations.

Let’s take a closer look at the Epic ASAP and Ambulatory modules to determine which one will best meet your organizational needs…

Why Epic ASAP?

Here are a few key situations where Epic ASAP might be a better option for you…

1) Patient Population Acuity

If you’re treating patient populations with lower acuity, Epic ASAP would give your organization better documentation, medication administration, and testing functionality to treat patients more efficiently.

2) Advanced Tracking Functionality

In an organization where advanced tracking functionality is needed to track patient wait times, patient locations, and throughput times, Epic ASAP is the clear choice.

3) Billing and Admission Intergrations

If your organization needs functional integrations between your patient admission and billing processes, to cut out the “middleman” and improve productivity and connectivity across departments, Epic ASAP would provide the right tools to meet your needs.

4) Custom Reporting and Analytics

For organizations that rely on custom reports and advanced analytics to track and manage patient information and provide a high-quality experience for patients, providers, and employees, Epic ASAP offers the functionality to achieve this.

Why Epic Ambulatory?

Here are a few situations where Epic Ambulatory would be a better choice…

1) In-Office Functionality

If your organization operates with the majority of employees in-office or has an employee population that is less familiar with Epic’s ER application, Epic Ambulatory would make day-to-day operations run a little smoother.

2) Proactive Scheduling and Check-in Processes

If your patients are pre-scheduled and have the opportunity to check in before they arrive, Epic Ambulatory can also help limit your organization’s reliance on main Epic servers and allow employees to conduct tests and manage data more efficiently.

3) Simplified ER Workflows

In an organization where ER workflows are more similar to office visits (i.e., patients are scheduled, checked-in, and treated in sequence), Epic Ambulatory is most likely the right choice for you.

4) Collection of Co-Pays

If your organization needs a quicker, more simplified way to collect co-pays from patient visits, Epic Ambulatory offers tools that are simpler than attempting to document co-pay collections in the Epic ASAP module.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help using Epic systems to communicate with physicians using a different EHR platform, integrating Epic ADT Patient Registration with Epic ASAP functionality, implementing new Epic modules, or anything in between, Surety Systems is here to help.

Your organization. Your priorities. Our expertise. That’s the name of the game at Surety.

Getting Started with Us

Our team of senior-level Epic consultants has the technical knowledge, functional skills, and real-life experience needed to lead your organization to success, regardless of the complexity of your Epic software or breadth of your project needs.

They have helped countless clients manage reports more efficiently, provided support for complex integrations between Epic systems and non-Epic systems, acted as project managers to oversee Epic implementations, and streamlined a wide variety of patient care operations (i.e., outpatient day surgery, long-term cancer treatments, etc.) with Epic functionality.

And, even better, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our top-notch Epic consultants so you know what to expect when partnering with us…

Surety Senior Epic ASAP Consultant

  • 10+ years of Epic Experience
  • Certified Epic Trainer, Analyst and Project Manager
  • Experience with Epic ASAP, Ambulatory, Cogito, Radar, Care Everywhere, Nurse Triage, ClinDoc, Stork, Reporting Workbench, and Dashboards
  • Lead ASAP Analyst for Disaster, FCC, Order Panels, Quick Lists, Reporting, and Behavioral Health
  • Design, Build, and Implementation experience across 17 large scale organizations and 177 hospitals
  • SharePoint, Slack, Salesforce, ServiceNow, HP, and Jira experience

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