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Workday Update 33—What’s New in the HCM Suite?

You probably already know that Workday released Update 33 early this September, but since many of the updates improved things behind the scenes, you may...

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What is Workday? User Guide & Definition for Workday HCM

Workday's all-in-one package is designed for medium-to-large-sized companies, especially companies with multiple locations, because it gathers all of your standard human resource (HR) functions together,...

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Getting Started With Workday Business Processes—3 Things You Need to Know

Thanks to their ability to allow users to define whatever workflow steps are required for a task to be completed, Business processes (BPs) have been...

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Intro to Workday Security: How to Make the Most of It

Whether you’ve been using Workday for a month or a year, there’s always a lot to learn when it comes to making the most of...

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Optimizing Workday: How to Make the Most of Your Investment

If your investment in Workday isn’t improving your operational efficiencies or providing other tangible contributions to your business, it’s time to take a step back...

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Workday Implementation – A Phased Approach

We’ve written about implementing Workday before, but now it’s time to address a question we’ve heard from a number of our clients regarding implementation strategy,...

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Workday EIB – Everything You Need to Know

There are plenty of ways to use EIB to save yourself time and effort. Here’s one: if you need to pay commissions to hundreds of...

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A Beginner’s Guide: What Are Workday Calculated Fields?

All in all, Workday offers nearly two dozen built-in functions that can be used to do numeric (math), date, and text (string) manipulation; Boolean logic;...

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Your 5-Minute Guide to Workday Reporting

Workday offers a variety of ways to create reports that will help you better understand your company’s performance.

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Things to Consider When Migrating from Lawson to Workday

If you’re thinking about switching from Lawson to Workday, know that Surety Systems your back. Our skilled Workday consultants not only know about the specific...

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Bringing on an ERP Consultant? Look for Escape Room Skills

When you think about it, the same qualities that make someone an effective escape room buddy are also extremely useful in an ERP consultant. Both...

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FREE GUIDE: Say Hello to Your Workday Implementation Dream Team

After selecting Workday, next comes actually implementing it. This free guide outlines everyone you'll need on your Workday implementation project team and why.

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Your Guide to Workday Onboarding for New Employees

Onboarding sets the tone for what the new worker experiences with your organization—as is often said, you only get one chance to make a great...

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You’re Going to Want Help With That Workday Studio Integration

Every Workday organization is going to need to integrate external data into or out of their system, whether it’s for payroll, benefits, or other information...

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3 Tips for Handling a Workday Backfill Need

Whether one of your key Workday players is out on long-term and/or unexpected leave, or you’ve had to let somebody go in a position that’s...

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Tips and Tricks for Workday Open Enrollment + Year End Prep

It's busy season for HR! Check out these 6 Workday open enrollment tips and things to remember about year-end W2 processing.

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