Having a strong pharmacy development and management system lies at the heart of any successful healthcare organization. Because, without a reliable system that focuses on efficient prescription filling procedures and controlled medication data, lives could potentially be on the line.

This is where Epic Willow comes in.

A pharmacy management software that builds its foundation on integrating and optimizing medication inventory management (MIM) processes and pharmaceutical workflows and makes keeping up in today’s ever-changing medical informatics landscape seem easy — what more could you ask for?

Read on to learn more about how Epic Willow combines key features of medicine, computer science, and public health to best fit your pharmaceutical management needs.

What is Epic Willow?

Epic Willow is Epic’s comprehensive pharmacy management module, including both inpatient and outpatient tracking functions. The Willow software is built within the integrated Epic platform and is centered around the retrieval and distribution of medication to and from an organization’s central pharmacy. The solution focuses on optimizing pharmacy management and medication distribution processes through its core medication database and improved prescription filling procedures.

Epic Willow has a few main versions, including Inpatient, Ambulatory, and Inventory, that emphasize inpatient medication management, outpatient and retail pharmacies, and medication inventory within an organization. Although it offers a few different versions and many unique capabilities, the Epic Willow pharmacy software remains focused on two main areas of the pharmaceutical world: IV workflow management systems (WFMS) and medication inventory management. With its top-of-the-line pharmaceutical database, ability to track in-scope medications, and simple integrations with other systems, this Epic application is sure to make a difference in any healthcare organization.

Main Versions of Epic Willow

Epic Willow is built to make the lives and jobs of patients and physicians easier. That’s why they made a few different versions of the solution to help customize your pharmacy management systems. Let’s take a closer look at the key features of each version.

Epic Willow Inpatient

The Inpatient pharmacy system offers improved pharmacy communication and automates data collection and management workflows. The module also provides better insights to optimize prescription ordering, distribution, charging and billing procedures and activities.

And, because all Epic modules are built on the same integrated platform, Willow Inpatient is easily integrated with both the EpicCare Inpatient Clinical System and the already embedded Epic decision support engine. This connection makes it easier than ever for the system to guide and support important pharmaceutical and financial decisions and practices within your organization.

Epic Willow Ambulatory

While the Willow Ambulatory module accesses the same database as the entire EpicCare system, this version focuses its efforts on retail pharmacy and outpatient medication management. The comprehensive outpatient system allows physicians to easily access complete patient medical history and more accurately track outpatient prescriptions coming in and out of the integrated pharmacy system.

The Ambulatory pharmacy module also offers integration tools that allow medication information and requests to be sent and received to external pharmacy systems outside of Willow Ambulatory. This way, outpatient and retail pharmacy systems are more interconnected across the board, leaving less room for error between systems and no patient wondering if and when they will receive their prescriptions.

Epic Willow Inventory

We all know that inventory is a key factor in pharmacy and medication management. Let’s face it, if a medication is on back order or there isn’t enough supply to fill a patient’s prescription, that’s a matter of life and death for some patients. Epic understands just how important managing and tracking inventory can be in both inpatient and outpatient pharmacies. That’s why the system offers key supply management integrations to stay up-to-date with incoming and outgoing medication inventory on a regular basis.

On the one hand, the Epic Willow Inventory system automatically updates medication inventory when new medications and shipments are received by pharmacies in the system. On the other, the inventory solution also tracks inventory flowing out of the system, making sure the amount of medication going out to patients or healthcare providers is never too much for internal inventory and supply management teams to handle. With this kind of integration on both the sending and receiving end of prescriptions, pharmacists, physicians, and patients should never be left out to dry when it comes to their medication needs.

Key Features of the Solution

Whether you’re using the Inpatient, Ambulatory, or Inventory versions of the solution, Epic Willow offers a few key features that set it apart from other pharmacy management systems and applications.

Here are some of the most beneficial capabilities of the Epic Willow pharmacy software:

  • Integrated prescription and distribution functions in a singular system
  • Improved visibility for medication management (e.g. prescription fill status, medication recommendations for discharge, medication history, etc.)
  • Automatic prescription change updates in patient medical records
  • Increased patient engagement with self-service request portal (i.e. track, update, and initiate refill requests in patient portal)
  • Real-time notifications for patients when medication is ready for pick-up
  • Ability to integrate with other Epic modules, external systems, or third-party applications
  • Single-system approach keeps medication data secure and maintains patient safety

Having a reliable pharmacy management system shouldn’t seem like rocket science, and, with the help of Epic Willow, it doesn’t.

Epic’s easy-to-use interface and multi-functional integrations allow users to store important medication data, stay up-to-date with prescription changes, coordinate prescription orders and requests between different departments and systems, and optimize overall pharmacy workflows.

Getting Started with Epic Software

No matter where your Epic needs lie, Surety Systems has you covered.

Our team of senior-level Epic consultants has extensive experience in virtually every module of Epic and will provide all the right tools to get the job done on time and within budget.

Not sure how to get started with your Epic Willow implementation? Our consultants can help. Need a certified Epic analyst to help you navigate through your new system landscape? Our consultants have passed their Epic certification courses with flying colors and are ready to guide you to success.

Whether you need help fixing technical issues within your Epic Willow system or just an extra hand in your decision-making processes, we have the right person for you.

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