Extended hospital stays, multiple procedures, issues with insurance, and a lack of process efficiency can often lead to delayed or improper billing functions…

But, luckily, this is where Epic Resolute comes in. With its automation capabilities, streamlined analytics and reporting functions, and pre-built integration with other modules and applications, it’s no secret why Resolute is the #1 choice for patient accounting and management software.

Read on to learn more about the solution and how we can help.

What is Epic Resolute?

Resolute is a billing support system that helps large healthcare organizations facilitate both hospital and professional billing, outline an efficient revenue cycle, optimize account management processes, and make the most of their technology.

Here are the two main modules offered within the Resolute application…

  • Epic Resolute Hospital Billing (HB): Hospitals can leverage Resolute to collect and review care charges, send bills and invoices to patients and insurance companies, collect payments for care services, and follow up on outstanding payments and accounts. With the Hospital Billing function of Epic Resolute, users can more efficiently manage patient accounting and streamline billing processes.
  • Epic Resolute Professional Billing (PB): Resolute software can help organizations streamline professional billing, insurance claims, and payment collections. Epic’s account maintenance module also helps hospital staff members accurately and efficiently address accounting needs for clinical patients.

How Does It Work?

The Resolute module coordinates billing procedures for both inpatient and outpatient care and improves quality of care for patients by leveraging advanced tools, reports, and process integration capabilities to automate and streamline key business processes, like claims, billing, and collection of payment.

Resolute draws directly from internal patient records to ensure all claims are compliant with HIPAA transaction format guidelines. And, because Epic modules come with pre-built integration capabilities, it’s easier to track patient-specific treatment and payment plans and generate a single bill for a patient with multiple different procedures.

This integrated solution not only simplifies complicated payment plans and issues, but it also reduces the number of collections accounts by keeping billing procedures on track and saves valuable time and money by improving process accuracy and efficiency.

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