Imagine a world where endoscopy reporting is streamlined, patient outcomes are improved, and healthcare providers comply with the latest guidelines…

This is made possible with Epic Lumens, a revolutionary endoscopy reporting module designed by the Epic Systems Corporation that transforms the delivery of endoscopic care in organizations across the healthcare landscape.

Read on to learn more about the Epic Lumens module, how it helps organizations improve health care quality, and where our team of expert Epic consultants can come in to help.

The Lumens Lowdown

  • Epic Lumens is revolutionizing endoscopy reporting, enabling organizations to optimize care coordination and improve hospital quality ratings.
  • It reduces costs and overutilization and ensures appropriate follow-up intervals through intensive education and training objectives.
  • Epic Lumens leverages data for improved healthcare quality by providing analytics, images & reports to facilitate clinical decision support & optimize patient outcomes.

Unveiling Epic Lumens: A Revolution in Endoscopy Reporting

Illustration of a futuristic endoscopy reporting interface

Epic Lumens has emerged as a powerful tool for endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and ureteroscopy, offering comprehensive viewing, documentation, management, and reporting capabilities in tertiary healthcare networks. Epic Lumens contributes to improved health care quality by optimizing care coordination within each tertiary health care network.

Understanding Epic Lumens Functionality

Epic Lumens is a specialized module facilitating efficient endoscopy reporting, offering streamlined workflows and precise documentation. This functionality results from its integration with the Epic integrated clinical information system (CIS), which leads to reduced healthcare costs.

The Lumens Epic module provides tools for viewing and managing endoscopy images sent from external systems to Epic, ensuring accurate and readily available data for medical professionals and maintaining OP-29 compliance.

Lumens enhances patient safety and satisfaction by:

  • Improving healthcare quality
  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing colonoscopy overutilization
  • Ensuring appropriate follow-up intervals for average risk screening colonoscopies

The Role of Epic Lumens in OP-29 Compliance

The OP-29 standard was created by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) as part of the hospital outpatient quality reporting initiative. It is a measure that guarantees endoscopists suggest suitable post-normal colonoscopy intervals for average-risk patients.

Epic Lumens’ contribution to OP-29 compliance has been remarkable, leading to improved healthcare quality and cost savings. In a significant quality improvement project, an organization’s OP-29 score progressed from 87.47% to 100% over three years, with consistent improvement observed throughout our network. This top decile performance was achieved using the intelligent Lumens application and contributed to an improved hospital quality star rating.

The Epic Lumens module has not only improved healthcare quality but also contributed to improved healthcare quality and reduced costs for patients and health networks, such as Luke’s University Health Network, due to its enhancement of OP-29 compliance. This has been achieved through optimized endoscopy workflows, accurate documentation, and intensive education and training.

The Impact on Health Care Costs and Patient Safety

Key benefits of the Epic Lumens module for healthcare users include:

  • Advanced reporting module for endoscopy
  • Facilitates efficient endoscopy workflows
  • Reduces healthcare costs
  • Improves patient outcomes

Cost Reduction Through Efficient Endoscopy Workflows

Adhering to guideline-based care and understanding the factors contributing to length of stay, Epic Lumens can reduce costs and improve endoscopy unit efficiency. This ultimately leads to better patient care and outcomes, ensuring that healthcare providers can focus on delivering the best possible care to their patients while contributing to reduced health care costs.

Efficient endoscopy workflows enabled by Epic Lumens lead to the following:

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Enhanced user and patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced OP-29 compliance
  • Reduced colonoscopy overutilization
  • Improved healthcare quality and costs

Enhancing Patient Safety With Accurate Documentation

The Lumens module improves patient safety by offering convenient access to patient data and effective documentation capabilities for nurses and healthcare professionals, thus facilitating better coordination, communication, and quality of care.

Accurate documentation in Epic Lumens can improve patient safety by allowing nurses to access and document patient information on their phones, enhancing efficiency and patient safety. Additionally, Lumens notifies nurses when a patient is at risk of a fall or has a central line in place, enabling them to document preventive measures and thus improve patient safety.

Integrating Epic Lumens With External Systems

Illustration of seamless integration between Epic Lumens and external systems

Epic Lumens endoscopy functionality can be integrated with external systems like PACS/VNA for seamless endoscopy workflows and data management. This integration ensures efficient endoscopy workflows and facilitates access to patient data for healthcare providers, optimizing patient management.

Seamless Workflow Between Epic Lumens and PACS/VNA

The integration between Epic Lumens and PACS/VNA systems offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient endoscopy workflows
  • Easy access to patient data
  • Seamless access to imaging and patient data within the Epic Lumens platform
  • Elimination of the need for switching between systems
  • Facilitation of efficient communication and collaboration among healthcare providers
  • Centralized platform for accessing and sharing endoscopy-related information

To ensure successful integration of Epic Lumens with PACS/VNA, these steps are typically required:

  1. Confirm that the PACS/VNA system supports integration with Epic Lumens.
  2. Configure the necessary interfaces and connections.
  3. Establish the appropriate data mappings and workflows.
  4. Test the integration.
  5. Educate the relevant staff.
  6. Monitor and maintain the integration.

Challenges and Solutions in Integration

Challenges in integration can be overcome with the right expertise and solutions, ensuring the optimal performance of Epic Lumens. Common challenges when integrating Epic Lumens with other systems include compatibility issues, high cost and design complexity, and limited integration with non-Epic systems.

Addressing these integration challenges successfully involves providing additional education and training and utilizing features such as the Epic Smartlist in the Lumens colonoscopy template. By addressing these challenges, healthcare providers can ensure that Epic Lumens functions optimally and enhances the overall efficiency of endoscopic care.

Advancements in Endoscopic Care Through Epic Lumens

The Lumens module drives advancements in endoscopic care by improving compliance with national healthcare standards and paving the way for future innovations. Epic Lumens also provides comprehensive data management and reporting tools, enabling data-driven decisions and quality improvement in endoscopic care.

Lumens’ Contribution to National Healthcare Standards

Lumens contributes to meeting national healthcare standards by improving OP-29 compliance and enhancing endoscopy workflows. Epic Lumens ensures accurate documentation and adherence to standards, providing tools for viewing and managing endoscopy images and promoting efficient reporting and communication between healthcare providers.

The Lumens application also plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of endoscopic care by supporting compliance with the ANSI/AAMI ST91 standard, designed to improve processes and ensure patient and employee safety. Epic Lumens, through enhanced reporting and increased efficiency, assists healthcare providers in adhering to these standards and improving patient care.

The Future of Endoscopy with Epic Lumens

By utilizing strategic partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Epic Lumens is deploying tools that optimize clinicians’ time and access to critical data at the point of care and leveraging generative AI and machine learning for better decision support.

Leveraging Data for Quality Improvement

Epic Lumens enables data-driven decisions and quality improvement by providing comprehensive data and reporting tools. With its advanced analytics and decision support tools, the Lumens solution empowers healthcare providers to optimize endoscopy workflows, improve patient outcomes, and adhere to national healthcare standards.

Data-Driven Decisions with Epic Lumens

Epic Lumens provides endoscopy images and associated data, allowing healthcare professionals to access and analyze this information, thus aiding in better, data-driven decision-making.

The Lumens application provides reporting data for care decisions, cost management, and trend identification. By leveraging real-world data for clinical decision support, Epic Lumens is transforming endoscopic care delivery and ensuring that healthcare providers can make the best possible decisions for their patients.

Measuring and Reporting Improvements

Epic Lumens facilitates measuring and reporting improvements in endoscopic care, leading to continuous quality enhancement. Epic Lumens provides tools for:

  • Viewing and managing endoscopy images sent from external systems to Epic
  • Tracking and analyzing patient outcomes
  • Ensuring compliance with quality measures
  • Improving overall efficiency in endoscopic procedures

Through continuous feedback, education, and implementation of an electronic health record (EHR) endoscopy smart set, Epic Lumens allows healthcare providers within a health network to:

  • Streamline data workflows
  • Enhance nursing clinical documentation workflows
  • Improve overall efficiency in diagnosing and treating patients during endoscopic procedures

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