Epic Systems stands as a pioneer in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, consistently introducing innovative solutions that redefine how healthcare is delivered.

Among its impressive suite of offerings is Epic Limerick, a powerful solution designed to streamline healthcare processes and enhance patient care, whether on-site or on-the-go.

In this article, we’ll discuss the key features of the Limerick app, how it revolutionizes healthcare operations and fosters efficiency, and where our team of Epic consultants can come in to help.

What is Epic Limerick?

Epic Limerick is a secure mobile interface that enables secure and portable access to Epic’s clinical information system and other EMR functions. Limerick is a standalone app for iOS (Apple Watch) that allows reliable access to test results, health summaries, clinical schedule changes, messaging alerts, and more.

Understanding Connections Between Applications

The Limerick application offers pre-built connections to other Epic applications accessible via any Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device, including Epic Haiku and Epic Canto.

Epic Haiku is a mobile application that provides physicians access to Epic charts and other clinical documentation on iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android mobile devices. Haiku works on multiple devices to enable secure access to critical patient data whenever and wherever they need it.

Epic Canto offers physicians access to all the same features provided in the Haiku application but is specifically designed for use on Apple iPad devices. Canto enables on-the-go access to hospital patient lists and the ability to review test results anytime, further improving data accessibility and patient care across teams.

Like the Canto application, Epic’s handheld application, Limerick, provides limited access to the most critical features of Epic MyChart in a dashboard-style format for easy accessibility and use.

Getting Started with Our Team

While our team of senior-level Epic consultants doesn’t provide support to help you license Haiku or Limerick Epic applications, we can help you determine the exact feature set your team needs, implement or integrate new Epic functionality, and keep your Epic system operating in tip-top shape over time.

With the help of our expert Epic consultant team at Surety Systems, you can ensure secure access to your most critical electronic health record functionality, including patient and clinic schedules, health summaries, test results, and automatic notifications, and promote better patient care across the board.

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