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Workday Consulting Services

Workday Consulting Services

Workday Support, Implementation, and Integration Services

The modern insights and know-how you want, the senior-level Workday consultants you need to get the most out of your system. Surety gives you the best of both worlds. From manufacturing to retail, media to software, healthcare, insurance and every industry in between—our Workday consulting services will ensure your business thrives.

Workday Consultants to Fast-Track your Success

One firm. Unlimited opportunities.

Surety’s Workday consulting solutions provide seamless and responsive support for your implementation challenges. You can count on our Workday consultants for functional or technical support, deployments, and optimizations at any time. Our goal is to deliver full support for your Workday applications while enhancing customer satisfaction. If you’re new to Workday HCM, check out our comprehensive Workday user guide.

Our Workday consulting services include:

Implementation Support

Our senior-level Workday consultants can implement and train your team on Workday HCM and Financial configurations, gap analysis, integrations, and testing. In addition, our technical consultants provide our customers with comprehensive documentation so you'll be able to successfully utilize Workday software even when we're gone.

Workday Studio Integration

We help facilitate Workday Studio integrations for complex situations that may require more time and resources. Our Workday consultants help configure strong connections to ensure your organization is taking advantage of the best technology possible. Need help with advanced change detection and multiple data sources/delivery requirements? Our consultants have you covered.

Workday Payroll

Our Workday Payroll experts are here to help you configure your payroll to best suit your needs, giving you the control and insights you need to make smarter business decisions. Whatever issues you may have with Workday Payroll (pay group configuration, payroll processing, calc fields, or payroll reporting and audits), our senior-level consultants can assist you with figuring out a solution.

Implementation Project Management

Our Workday Implementation PM services assist with managing both big- and small-picture initiatives. Some of those initiatives include scope, vendors, communication, data migration, and user adoption—plus the smaller (but no less important) details, like change orders, budgets, and risk mitigation. We provide your organization with the time, resources, and experience to manage your Workday implementation project.

Backfill Support

Our Workday consultants are available whenever your team needs additional support. We understand how vital processes like payroll, benefits, and inventory can majorly impact a business's performance if they aren't properly managed. When you're in need of extra help, Surety's here to help. Our technical consultants are available to jump into any project to lend a hand and get your internal team up to speed on key Workday initiatives.

Custom Reports

Our Workday reporting and analytics specialists are ready to assist your organization with advanced reporting configuration and answer all of your business's most important questions about performance, costs, and revenue. Workday's custom reports can help your organization make smarter decisions, innovate new products and services, reduce costs, and more, so it's time to start taking advantage of them.

ERP-to-Workday Migration

The advantage of having a Surety Systems Workday consultant on your team during your ERP migration is that our consultants are well versed in multiple ERP vendors. We're able to leverage our knowledge of legacy system tools and custom development to extract, map, convert, and validate your data in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

Security & Compliance

Our Workday security and Workday compliance experts can help you keep your critical information safe and ensure you comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. From aggregate security and security auditing to assistance with GDPR, ASC 606, and data privacy, we’ve got you covered.

Not sure how Workday can enhance your business?
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Our Workday Consulting Services can assist with the following initiatives:

I have a high-priority project.

Doing an implementation, integration, or some other serious Workday project with your team in-house? It’s time to bring in a sharp-shooter (or even a few!) to get it right the first time.

My team could really use a good boost.

Help when you need it, no extra overhead when you don’t. Blend our external expertise with your internal team to accelerate project delivery, from project management to XSLT stylesheets. Your Workday expert awaits.

I’m a man down at the moment.

Life happens. Sometimes one of your key players is down for the count. Regardless of the reason, you need help. Get an experienced Workday pro from our A-Team to sub in.

I’m ready for a break-up.

Current Workday consulting firm letting you down? If your “partner” is not as knowledgeable as you were led to believe or is stringing you along, it’s time for an experienced and unbiased consultant to step in and take the reins.

We’re behind schedule.

When you’re up against a tight deadline, reasons don’t matter anymore. Whether you’re trying to migrate from a legacy ERP system to Workday or build an advanced report—your team of experts is waiting to get. it. Done.

I need a second opinion.

Get an unbiased system assessment and recommendations, whether you’re looking to improve your reporting, streamline your processes, or implement and rollout Workday. We have no skin in the game, so no bull. Just honest advice.

Workday Consulting Benefits

We don’t carry a “traditional” bench, meaning our Workday consulting services will be aligned with your project based on our team’s specialized expertise, not our bottom line.

Blended Workforce

Supercharge your internal team.
By mixing your internal knowledge with our external expertise you get the best of both worlds; a rock-steady foundation with hyper-specialized Workday consulting services when you need them, and no extra overhead when you don’t.

Expert Advice

We’ve been there, done that.
Our extensive network of senior-level Workday consultants means that we have the exact skill set and experience you need to crush your next project.

Unbiased Consulting

No bull, no bias, no breadcrumbs.
Skip the license pitch, upsells, and integration pushes. That’s not what we’re here for. Team up with an unbiased Workday expert who can help you leverage the system you already own.

See what our customers say:

See what our customers say:

“This is our first time working with Surety Systems. We have been extremely pleased with the consultant they have provided, so they are batting 1,000 so far. If Tim is a good example of the type of consultants Surety provides, then we will probably be doing a lot more work together in the future.”

JD Edwards Client
A Director of IT From A Furniture Manufacturing Company

“Surety Systems has been a time-tested winning resource for us. We have used them for engagements that have ranged from multiple months to as short as one week. They keep in touch with us and have a solid understanding of who we are, what our environment is and how we do business. When future needs dictate that we look outside our own company for Lawson expertise, we will once again look to Surety to help us source the need.”

Lawson Client
A Director of Marketing Systems and Corporate Systems At A Specialty / Import Retail Store

“Surety Systems assisted us with our Foreign Currency implementation for a new acquisition. Their team was very professional and diligent, providing a solution in a timely manner. The value provided by Surety Systems is second to none, and I would recommend them for anyone looking for JD Edwards consulting services.”

Kronos Client
A Financial Lead From A Commercial Construction Industry

Workday Insights From Surety Systems

Learn more about the latest industry trends and Workday product announcements. Our insights can inform you of impending changes and other updates that can help you better determine how to optimize your Workday technology, as well as customer success stories.

If we can toot our own horn for a minute…

Our team is pretty awesome, and our comprehensive ERP and HCM consulting services have helped a wide range of clients across a variety of industries. We understand that each of our clients has different needs, which is why we work hard to exceed the expectations of everyone who works with us. Here’s what we accomplished in just the past year:

Total Project Wins

Consultants on Project

States We've Worked In


A Reliable Workday Consulting Firm Who Can Give You the Results You Want

With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable Workday system consultants, your business will thrive. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and we’ll provide everything your business needs to optimize your Workday software. We also provide support for JD Edwards, Infor Lawson, Kronos, SAP, and Salesforce.

To get started with Workday consulting, contact Surety Systems today and we’ll put you in touch with one of our Workday consultants. We’re ready to provide you with the best results, covering all of your Workday needs with a complete solution that’s tailored specifically for your business.


Ready to talk?

  • Ramp Up

    Could your internal team use a boost? Utilize a blended workforce to gain a strategic advantage. By mixing internal and external expertise, you can quickly bridge the skill and experience gaps in your team. Secure hyper-specialized assistance, while avoiding the costs of traditional headcount.

  • Resume Productivity

    Life happens—and it rarely stops to check the project schedule first. When a member of your team is down for the count unexpectedly or gets pulled onto another project, Surety can help. Whether you’re in the middle of a project and need a pro to hop in the trenches with you, or you’re in need of someone to “hold down the fort” with daily operations while you tackle the project, we’ve got you covered.

  • Get Results Now

    If you agreed on the terms, but now you’re experiencing scope creep, consultants that clearly didn’t “make varsity,” expensive additions to the project, and more layers of consultants than you can count—Surety can help. You know what you want; let us deliver top-tier consultants that can ramp up quickly and integrate seamlessly with your team. You control the timing, phases, and approach. Plus, you’ll gain the benefit of knowledge transfer that stays with your organization long after we’re gone.

  • Get Back On Track

    Get back on track with one of our top-tier consultants who can jump in the foxhole with you or handle all your day-to-day operations while your internal team tackles the project. Because of our close relationship with each of our consultants, we have a tight grip on their availability and exact skill set.

  • Cut The Bull

    Surety System’s only purpose is to help you get the most functionality out of the system you already own. We have no other agenda than your success. Have our consultants take a look at your environment and make suggestions on improvements and strategy (without any up-sell).

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