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Creating Custom Integrations with Workday Studio

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a strategy aimed at increasing efficiency, insight, and customer experiences—and is vital to the survival of the modern business, because guesswork just doesn’t cut it anymore. To make smarter decisions, businesses need access to real-time data from across the organization. Workday understands this truth, which is why they build applications with integrations in mind.

On a basic level, Workday provides three “tiers” of integration. Prebuilt connectors, developed and maintained by Workday, are great for standard plug-and-play integrations. Workday Enterprise Interface Builder, or “EIB,” is an easy-to-use interface that allows point-to-point integrations without the need for programming. And finally, there’s Workday Studio integrations for those more sophisticated needs.

Workday Studio is the solution for integrations with complex requirements—advanced change detection, multiple data sources/delivery requirements, dynamic data, active directory, and more. Though critical, this complexity is often beyond the scope of day-to-day Workday administration. If you don’t have the time or know-how to handle Workday Studio integrations in-house, Surety can help. But our expertise doesn’t stop there!

Surety’s senior-level technical Workday consultants have the skills and experience you need to troubleshoot issues and maximize your investment, no matter your need. Beyond integrations (Cloud Connect, EIB, Workday Studio), we’re also your go-to partner for technical Workday support for SOAP/REST, Xpath, XSLT, and web services. Our senior-level Workday specialists are here to facilitate flawless connections, putting you on the path towards a digital future.

You’re Going to Want Help With That Workday Studio Integration

Every Workday organization is going to need to integrate external data into or out of their system, whether it’s for payroll, benefits, or other information vital to your business. Let’s take a closer look at what your options are when it comes to integrating with Workday, as well as why you might be in need of some Workday Studio integration help.


Curious about benefits integrations?

Here are some benefits integrations we have supported:

  • ADP ACA Integration Files
    • Leave of Absence Files
      • Initial Load File
      • Changes-only File
    • Benefit Files
      • Initial Load File (EIB & DT)
      • Changes-only File (Custom Studio)
    • Non-Employee File
      • Initial Load File (Custom Report + DT)
      • Changes-only File (CCW& DT)
    • HR File (CCW & DT)
  • Aetna Medical
  • Allstate Accident
  • Allstate Cancer
  • Allstate Critical Illness
  • Allstate Hospital Indemnity
  • Anthem Medical
  • BCBS
    • COBRA
    • Dental
    • Medical
    • Vision
  • CBIZ benefits
  • Cigna
    • EOI
    • Life, ADD, & Disability
    • Medical
    • STD/LTD
  • CVS Caremark Prescriptions
  • Delta Dental
  • Health Equity HSA & FSA
  • LegalShield HSA
  • Lincoln AD&D
  • Mass Mutual 401k
    • Contributions
    • Demographics
    • Elections
  • Prudential 401K
  • Transamerica
    • 401k Eligibility (Outbound)
    • Deductions (Custom Inbound Studio)
  • US Bank FSA & HSA
  • Vanguard 401k
    • Contributions
    • Demographic
    • Elections
  • VOYA 401k
  • VSP Vision

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