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Workday Payroll Turns “Important-But-Time-Consuming” Into “Easy Breezy”

Workday Payroll Turns “Important-But-Time-Consuming” Into “Easy Breezy”

HR and Finance folks know that payroll is one of the most manually intensive processes on their To-Do lists, which makes things tricky when you’re trying to increase efficiency (because accuracy counts when it comes to ensuring your employees are paid correctly and on time). Enter Workday Payroll.

With features like continuous payroll calculations, smart payroll audits, and retro payroll processing, Workday Payroll is designed to help organizations of all shapes and sizes make the most of their platform, especially if they’re already using Workday Financial Management and/or Workday Human Capital Management. And if you need help optimizing the module to best suit your company’s needs, we have just the consultants to do the job.

Workday Payroll is an incredibly powerful tool, and when properly integrated with the rest of your system, the module allows users to draw information from all across your org, from HR folks who need to keep track of life events and terminations, to employees that want to view payslips from their mobile device or browser, to the controller that wants detailed journal lines to post to the company’s GL without having to manually add them all in.

Things get even more exciting when you realize how customizable the module is—with an experienced consultant in your corner, you can tweak the solution to your heart’s desire. Want to organize your workers into pay groups based on the needs of your organization? Not a problem. Is the way you need your balance periods configured a little out of the box? We’ve got your back. We can even help if you need a partner to set up integrations for your international locations.

No matter the pain point, the one-two punch of Surety’s expert consultants and the module’s built-in flexibility will guarantee a KO.

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