Having one place that you can manage and store all your people data effectively is hard to come by sometimes, especially if your company lacks the workforce management solutions needed to keep track of all that data and maintain visibility in the process.

Luckily for you, this is where UKG Pro comes in.

Read on to learn more about the UKG HR system, its key modules and features, and how it can transform your workforce operations.

What is UKG Pro?

UKG Pro (formerly Ultipro) is a cloud-based solution designed to help companies leverage comprehensive Human Capital Management tools to transform their business operations and improve connectivity across global workforces. The UKG Pro solution is built on a “People First” foundation, and it improves organizational support, provides more personalized workforce management solutions, and enhances employee engagement.

How Can UKG Pro Help You?

With UKG Pro’s flexible, up-to-date Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite, companies are able to provide more meaningful employee experiences, leverage business intelligence (BI) tools for improved productivity, and enhance performance, compensation, and succession management processes.

If you’re wondering how a single solution can meet all of your HCM needs, keep reading to learn more about each module, its key capabilities, and how it can help your workforce optimize business processes.

Key Features of the Solution

UKG offers a unified HCM Suite that allows companies to manage human capital on a global scale, supporting their most important asset through every moment of their employee lifecycles, no matter how big or small. Here are a few of the main features of UKG Pro that help optimize and integrate users, applications, and enterprise systems as a whole:

  • Enhanced workflow management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Automatic system notifications
  • Real-time system updates
  • Customized dashboards
  • Various integration opportunities
  • Workspace collaboration
  • Simplified user interface

Now that you have a better understanding of UKG Pro and its key features, let’s take a closer look at each of the applications included in the powerful HCM suite.

Human Resource (HR) Management

The UKG HR system not only allows users to streamline even the most complex HCM processes in one place, but it also provides the visibility and insights necessary to help employees make better, more informed decisions when it comes to their workforce experience.

Comprehensive HR Data

The UKG HRIS solution offers an all-inclusive People Center that allows users to manage all people-related processes in a single, unified place. With a solution that organizes and tracks important employee information, including demographic information, time and attendance data, employee history, and more, companies are better able to engage and empower their employees from the start.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The UKG Pro dashboard offers a personalized experience for users, giving them the opportunity to personalize dashboard tiles, color schemes, menu labels, and more.

The dashboard is not only customizable to allow users to make adjustments when needed, but it is also built upon a role-based access foundation to ensure that all employee data stays safe and secure (and doesn’t end up in the wrong hands).

Improved Access

Having information when you need it and where you need it is a major key to success in today’s modern workforce landscape. This is why UKG Pro created a mobile app that helps employees maintain consistent access to important information, enables app managers to enhance the mobile experience through real-time usage insights, and empowers employees to stay productive and up-to-date with system changes no matter where they are.


Information security is at the top of the priority list for most companies. Because, let’s face it, if important information is lost or compromised, there’s a laundry list of consequences that could arise not only for employees personally, but for the company’s safety and security as a whole. That’s why the UKG system offers included security and compliance tools to help maintain trust and confidence for your company.

Intuitive Compliance Tools

UKG Pro offers top-notch global HCM technology support, and its compliance management tools are no different. Pro provides users with the right kind of technology needed to stay up-to-date with compliance requirements, keep up with continually changing rules, and monitor new legal developments throughout the industry.

Compliance Data Management

Meeting required compliance regulations while navigating complex rules and risks is no easy feat. But, thanks to UKG Pro Compliance Assist, users are given access to a comprehensive knowledge-base and alert service that allows them to reduce system inefficiencies, stay up to date with global compliance updates, and increase the overall agility of their compliance management system.

Filing Support

The UKG Pro Payment Service reduces the time needed to complete filing processes for tax forms and wage disbursement, limits risk for manual errors, and saves employees quite a few headaches in the process. Pro allows users to automate payment processes and maintain tax filing safety standards to increase the accuracy and efficiency of their organization’s tax and payment operations.

Talent Management

Attracting the right kind of talent for the job is one thing, but finding ways to retain that talent in the long run is a whole other challenge for many companies, especially those with a larger employee base or business model that allows for continuous turnover.

UKG Pro provides the right kinds of tools to emphasize collaboration within the workforce, maintain employee productivity through goal setting, and offer continuous learning opportunities throughout the full employee lifecycle.

Improved Recruiting Practices

UKG Pro understands the importance of finding the “right fit” when it comes to recruiting and hiring new employees. This is why it created UKG Pro Recruiting, a relationship-focused recruiting solution that is centered around getting to know potential new hires before they join the team.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding processes set the tone for the rest of a new employee’s experience at any given company. The UKG Pro Onboarding solution offers enhanced features that simplify the onboarding experience for new employees, help new hires complete onboarding tasks more efficiently, and maintain a person-centered experience from Day One.

Modern Learning

UKG Pro Learning offers an easy-to-use machine learning platform that allows employees to participate in knowledge and skill development courses. The solution not only enhances the productivity and satisfaction of employees throughout the workforce, but it is also easily configured to meet specific employee training or career development needs.


Most employees just want to leave work at the end of every day feeling secure financially, so it’s important that your payroll processes have the right functionality needed to build and maintain the right kind of financial security your employees need. This is where the UKG Payroll system comes in.

Simplified Payroll Processing

The UKG Payroll software eliminates the need for complex manual payroll calculations (i.e., overtime) and offers a more simplified way to pay employees on time (and with increased accuracy). This way, employees can rest easy knowing their payroll computations are correct.

Real-Time Insights

On one hand, analytics provided by pay and tax reporting functions offer increased visibility into a companies pay information, including practices, equity, and more. On the other, better access to payroll information and employee data through mobile app functions allows employees to keep track of important payroll information anytime, anywhere.

Improved Financial Wellbeing

UKG offers many features that help employees feel financially stable and secure, including charitable giving options through UKG Pro Giving, advanced access to wages, and calculation scenarios that provide insight into take-home pay earnings.

Workforce Management

UKG Pro’s Workforce Management solutions provide the tools needed to meet organizational needs, manage complex workforce environments, and redefine work experiences — all while keeping employees at the front of the line.

Time and Attendance Management

UKG Pro Timekeeping offers a digital solution that minimizes the risk of manual errors and improves workforce productivity. The solution offers more streamlined timekeeping functions to help improve employee engagement, ensure compliance guidelines are being met, and provide enhanced visibility used to manage labor costs more effectively.

Enhanced Employee Scheduling

UKG Pro helps companies ensure they place the right employee in the right place at the right time to prevent issues with overspending, understaffing, or overworking employees. UKG Pro Advanced Scheduling not only offers a staffing solution that ensures proper shift coverage, but it also enhances the employee experience by giving them more scheduling visibility and flexibility.

Improved Analytics

UKG Pro Workforce Management Analytics offers real time key performance indicators (KPIs), custom reports, embedded analytics, actionable insights, and enhanced data visualizations that help reimagine time-related data collection and reporting functions.

HR Service Delivery

Automated HR processes, employee self-service options, and enhanced people insights. A connected global workforce experience with those features sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the UKG Pro HR Service Delivery solution offers all that and more to help empower employees and enhance strategic operations.

Automated Workflows

The HR Service Delivery Process Manager provides personalized service processes that support work-life events more effectively, help employees gain complete visibility into HR processes, and offer better opportunities for HR teams to create, manage, and automate important employee-focused tasks.

Document Management

Documentation for various employee processes and requirements is important, so having a solution that offers user-friendly document management technology is equally as important in tracking and managing important documents.

UKG Pro’s HR Service Delivery Document Manager takes document one step beyond static storage and offers a more active document management solution to digitize documentation processes and address compliance concerns more proactively.

Employee Self Service

UKG Pro People Assist allows your HR team to report and track key metrics to improve HR service delivery processes and give managers the functionality necessary to support their employees in a more personalized and meaningful way.

It also offers a user-friendly, personalized knowledge base that allows employees to answer their own questions without having to wait on other people or external HR support teams.

Pro even goes one step further by letting users decide whether they want to receive push notifications for information or system updates or not.

Getting Started with UKG Pro

Whether you need help navigating the switch from Kronos and Ultimate Software to the new and improved UKG solution, an extra hand implementing UKG business intelligence tools, or additional support anywhere else throughout the UKG landscape, Surety Systems is here to help.

Rather than trying to tackle complex integrations or a new UKG Pro system with just the strength of your internal team, allow our team of consultants to help. Quicker timelines, improved data management, and better outcomes for your team — that’s the name of the game with our consultants.

How Can We Help?

Our team of senior-level consultants has the skills and experience needed to lead your team to implementation or integration success, regardless of where your UKG needs lie.

And, as an added bonus, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our senior UKG Pro consultants to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us:

Surety Senior UKG Pro Consultant

  • 19+ years of UltiPro and UKG Pro experience
  • Excels with helping and supporting companies with their UltiPro/UKG Pro HRMS Product Suite
  • Technical and Functional consulting experience
  • Acted as a Project Manager during a UKG Pro implementation, and has experience with implementing every UltiPro module
  • Experience with data mapping, data cleansing, SQL queries, exporting data,  manipulating data, upgrades and business rules configurations
  • Well-versed in designing security profiles, strong with Cognos BI reporting tools and has heavy data experience
  • Guided UltiPro and UKG Pro staff training

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