The UKG Pro mobile app and features provide convenient experiences for both employees and managers, helping them to stay productive from the office, at home, or on-the-go. This way, no matter where you are or where you’re working, you can quickly access important data, receive push notifications, and complete tasks without missing a beat.

This article will take a more in-depth look at the key features, capabilities, and benefits of the UKG Pro mobile app, as well as where our team of UKG consultants can fit in your organization (and offer guidance to help you get the most value out of your UKG mobile experiences.)

Read on to learn more about where the UKG Pro mobile app can come in to help!

What is the UKG Pro Mobile App?

The UKG Pro mobile app, formerly the UltiPro mobile app, is designed to help customers improve their own user experiences through instant and secure access to relevant employee information and improvements and new features that make completing tasks a whole lot simpler.

Key Features of the UKG Pro Mobile App

Let’s take a closer look at the core features of the UKG Pro mobile app for users across industries…

1) Instant and Secure Access

With built-in user authentication and encryption capabilities in the UltiPro mobile app, business users can ensure all relevant employee information stays safe and secure, even as app improvements and new features are released across the system.

The UKG Pro application also provides touch and Face ID recognition software to simplify login processes and ensure only authorized customers have access to certain features and areas of the software. This way, users can ensure their personal data remains secure, no matter what (or who is accessing the system.)

(Please note that access to UKG Pro’s mobile app is only available to existing UKG customers.)

2) Real-Time Data Synchronization

Real-time data synchronization features make it easier for users to keep up with changes, monitor new employee requests, and stay connected to deliver information more effectively across teams.

On one hand, whenever changes are made within the UKG Pro system, each change is reflected in the UKG UltiPro mobile app for users to access and view whenever and wherever they’re needed. On the other, whenever changes are made to information or tasks in the UKG Pro mobile app, changes are reflected in the main UKG system.

3) Mobile Employee Experiences

The UKG Pro mobile app makes it easier for employees to access critical workforce information from their preferred device, including desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

This way, whether they’re in the office or in the field, employees can quickly and easily access and update personal HR and payroll information, complete tasks, monitor schedules, and communicate with coworkers.

The mobile app and features within also enable system administrators to understand how their employees are using the application and leverage advanced (and actionable) insights to improve the user experience.

Main Capabilities Across Departments

UKG regularly updates its mobile app, providing new features and capabilities for users across the entire UKG system. And, even better, the newest release contains bug fixes and UX enhancements to improve user engagement, facilitate better collaboration between teams, and achieve optimal process efficiency.

Here are a few of the main capabilities of the newest version of the UKG Pro mobile app…

For Human Resources…

1) Access relevant employee information, including employee history, contact information, current and past benefits elections, emergency contacts, and more

2) View and process employee jobs and manage termination processes

3) Update employee salaries to align with bonuses, promotions, or raises

4) Access and transport W2 or T4 statements and 401k or RRSP elections for individual employees

5) Leverage company directory and org chart to find and contact specific employees

6) Access UKG Pro People Analytics and Knowledge Base solutions to find additional information, stay up-to-date with company updates, and submit requests for additional assistance

For Payroll…

1) View current pay statements and enable access to year-to-date payroll information (and a graphical breakdown of pay across specific time periods)

2) Set up, manage, and monitor direct deposit accounts to ensure accurate pay each period

3) Use “Model My Pay” to manage payroll information and complete tasks on the go

4) Receive notifications to stay up-to-date with upcoming pay details or changing requirements

5) Review payment insights and conveniently contribute to other organizations or campaigns

For Security…

1) Leverage defined user authentication or single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to ensure authorized access

2) Choose from access codes, fingerprint recognition, or facial recognition for secure login purposes

3) Improve data security and user integrity with built-in encryption services

For Timekeeping…

1) Receive notifications to stay up-to-date with schedule and shift changes

2) Clock in and out of shifts and request shift changes or swaps with coworkers

3) Request vacation or time off and view approvals whenever and wherever

4) Access and manage schedules for individual employees and teams

For Talent Management…

1) Access, update, and manage individual and team goals and objectives

2) Leverage integrations with the UKG Learning app to facilitate employee development

3) Receive push notifications and alerts for Leadership Actions and suggested tasks

4) Add notes to assigned goals to ensure employees complete them properly and on-time

How Can We Help?

If issues with accessing or supporting the UKG Pro mobile app (and any new features) arise, customers are often advised to “Contact your HR department for login instructions and a list of enabled features prior to downloading the application.” But, too often, HR teams are too bogged down with other priorities to help users solve problems efficiently…

This is where Surety Systems comes in to help!

Whether you need help teaching employees how to use their new UKG Pro mobile app, updating the app to bring you app improvements and features, or maintain instant and secure access to employee information, our team of UKG Pro consultants has you covered.

Getting Started with Our Team

Our team of senior-level UKG consultants has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to help you leverage the UKG Pro mobile app and features within in the most efficient way possible, making it easier to optimize investments across the board.

Ready to get started with the UKG Pro mobile app, but don’t know where to begin?

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