When it comes to helping our Workday Human Resources (HR) clients, we believe the only way to work is by using the best people and tools to do the job with project management experience. That’s where a Workday project manager comes in. 

Read on to learn how one of our Workday consultants achieved project success not once but twice with two organizations and unique project management needs.

Getting to Know the Project Manager

As a former Client Engagement Manager and Program Director, our consultant came in with hands-on experience with virtually every module of Workday, including, but not limited to, Core Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Financials, and Payroll as well as creating and maintaining comprehensive project documentation.

His more than 25 years of experience as a project manager, including 6 years within the Workday space, and techno-functional skillset make him an asset for any team.

As an independent consultant working as an extension of each team he’s involved in, our Workday Project Manager understands just how important it is to customize the consulting experience to best fit the needs of each organization. This talented project manager also remains committed to a “find what you can do and do it” mindset, which helps him maintain a high standard of performance, integrity, and communication in his work.

An Overview of the Clients

A healthcare client out of Pennsylvania and a non-profit out of Washington DC needed an expert Workday Project Manager who could understand the project scope and get the job done with top-notch quality. 

A growing healthcare network with locked-down implementation schedules putting their own spin on Workday’s methodology and project organization? Our Workday project manager has them covered. A non-profit educational organization in desperate need of someone comfortable with taking over implementation, able to work with very little wiggle room for restructuring, and willing to be a shoulder to lean on for an overworked team? He handled that, too. 

Clients, projects, and implementation timelines all come with their own unique organizational structures, development guidelines, and coordination among team members.

The First Success

One of the nation’s most premier health networks, with over 12,000 employees nationwide, needed a Workday project manager to help them navigate through their move from Lawson to Workday, a challenge our consultant did not shy away from.

The Issue

Because of the thirteen different hospital locations, health centers, and rehabilitation practices under its guidance, the organization needed a change to better organize and streamline HR processes for all locations. Organization leaders knew that Workday was the solution to their HR organization needs, but lacked the internal resources and support to carry out the implementation process on their own.

They needed someone who understands Workday and HR systems and integrations, maintains project objectives and timelines, and puts client needs before their own. And, luckily for them, our Workday project manager was the perfect fit.

The Solution

Our Workday project manager’s consistent demeanor and dedication to their tightly regimented schedules have allowed the client to stay organized, follow all steps of the implementation process carefully, and maintain organizational structure every step of the way with a detailed project implementation plan. With the scale of this implementation across all functional streams, including HCM, Payroll, and Finance, our consultant has provided long-lasting value to multiple areas of the organization.

And, although his work with them will continue well into next year, his commitment to the project and team members will remain at the top of his priority list day in and day out.

The Second Go-Round

Our consultants are not afraid of using their experiences through many different industries, and this consultant was no exception as he took his skills to a non-profit educational client in Washington DC. 

The Issue

In an organization where complexities around union pay and timecards can get complicated, the right kind of person was needed to tackle the assignment with a client-first mindset. The client needed someone who was willing to come in and take over a Workday implementation that had already begun. 

And, while helping an organization move from a legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to Workday is no small feat, our Workday project manager faced an even bigger challenge in taking over a project mid-implementation. Jumping head first into the implementation process is no easy task, but our client Project Manager had all the tools needed to complete each project with flying colors. 

The Solution

Beginning mid-implementation is no small feat, but he showed his stripes as he acted as “Switzerland” in the process: listening to, trusting, and helping each side of the organization in any way he could.  He showed exceptional leadership and communication skills as he was able to quickly understand previous implementation steps and build an outline for future steps to be taken to organize and optimize the switch. 

Our Workday project manager used his project management experience and worked carefully and diligently to ensure he knew exactly what needed to be done on his part to pick up the process where it was, solve business process issues, and run with it through the finish line.

Keys to Success for Our Project Manager

  • Act as a trusted ally for project teams.
  • Build functional project teams and become a dedicated member.
  • Define project scope and project delivery objectives early and check in often.
  • Work closely with team members to build and maintain trust.
  • Lead by example with top-of-the-line performance and integrity standards.
  • Define project timelines and keep the team on track.
  • Maintain an open-door policy throughout project time frames.
  • Build a whole new family by the end of each project.
  • Provide a voice of reason when project plans and timelines get overwhelming.
  • Manage project budget throughout each phase.

How Can We Help?

This is just one example of the many high-quality project managers that our team at Surety Systems has supplied to organizations and companies in need of Workday assistance. And, other project managers like him, with more than 1,500 billed hours with our clients, set the stage for the future of Workday, and their dedication to their craft is calling others to follow along. 

No matter the needs of the client, level of organization for implementation, or amount of employee turnover during integral parts of the process, our project managers have what it takes to conquer any project, any kind of organization, and any kind of challenges that arise.

Our team of senior-level Workday consultants understands what it takes to organize and manage successful projects and will do whatever is needed to ensure project success for their clients.

Getting Started with Us

At Surety, we are also dedicated to our craft of finding solutions for clients in need, whether that’s filling your need for a Workday project manager, long-term implementation support, short-term backfill help, or help with any other Workday project needs. 

Your company. Your needs. Our expertise. That’s the name of the game at Surety Systems.

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