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Complex Workday Projects, Simplified

Complex Workday Projects, Simplified

Thanks to its automation, intuitiveness, and ease, Workday can feel like a dream come true for overburdened HR, payroll, and finance professionals. Convincing management and getting the green light is half the battle. Sales calls, demos and countless internal discussions—it all paid off and you’re excited to get started. But then there’s the other half of the battle: implementation (and integrations for that matter). To make the most of your investment, carefully managed Workday project management plans are critical.

A new Workday project takes more than just technical know-how. There’s management of the big-picture items—scope, vendors, communication, data migration, and user adoption—and the smaller, but no less important, details like change orders, budgets, and risk mitigation. It’s easy to see why most organizations lack the time, resources, and experience to effectively manage such a complex project in-house.

What’s more, according to the Project Management Institute, nearly 10% of every dollar spent is wasted due to poor project performance. That means not having an experienced Workday project manager by your side who’s “been there, done that,” puts you at risk of losing money.

That’s where Surety can help. Want your Workday projects delivered to plan, on time, and within budget? Look no further. Our senior-level Workday project managers know the ropes and can navigate you through successful implementation, rollout, and integration processes. By pairing our top-notch Workday technical skills with proven project management methodologies, you get the best of both worlds. No picking or choosing here. Bottom line: we focus on the details so you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

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