Looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Workday project manager to help your internal teams manage, track, and analyze your implementation or integration projects more efficiently?

Luckily for you, Surety Systems has what it takes to handle all your project needs, assemble a project team with the right skills and experience, and lead you to success, no matter what.

Read on to learn how Workday project managers can improve project efficiency and where our Workday consultants can fit into your organization.

Benefits of Partnering With Surety Systems

Our team at Surety Systems always puts your needs at the top of our priority list! With our expert Workday consulting team, you can ensure your project manager has the right skills and experience, promote successful project outcomes, and optimize your investments over time.

Here are a few key advantages of choosing Surety Systems to tackle your project management needs:

Your Priorities, Our Expertise

Your project management priorities become ours when you work with us! 

Our Workday project managers all share the same goals: helping you complete projects on-time and within budget, and optimizing the efficiency of your solutions.

By providing you with the best people, resources, and tools for the job, our team at Surety guarantees that your needs stay at the top of the priority list, no matter what.

Optimal Turnaround Times

Our consultants understand that time is of the essence.When an urgent project need arises, you may not always have a full-time employee with the skills or availability needed to complete the tasks at hand.

Here’s the good news… As a client-side partner, we can supplement the work that needs to be done  and ensure your project status stays on track.

Our consultants guarantee quick response times, so  you can complete your project effectively, without compromising the quality of the service. By partnering with our team, you can rest easy knowing your project timelines will be upheld without skipping a beat.

Only Pay For What You Need

With our team, you can say goodbye to unnecessary fees and hello to only paying for what you need. Our Workday project managers work on a time-and-materials basis, so you only pay for the hours worked. This way, your team can ensure your most important project needs are met, without breaking the bank in the process.

Personalized Consulting

Need someone that can help facilitate a more efficient Workday Talent and Performance Management integration project? We can provide that. Want someone with specific expertise in Workday Human Capital Management implementations? We have somebody for that too.

Regardless of the nature of your Workday project management needs, our team of Workday consultants  can tackle any project and guide  clients in any industry to the finish line.

How Can Our Workday Project Managers Help?

Here are a few key examples of where our Workday project managers can benefit your organization:

1) Client Advocacy

Our project managers have seen it all, giving them the confidence to offer unbiased support whenever and wherever you need it.

We’re here to be your biggest advocate and work alongside your internal teams, not push you to meet an unrealistic Go-Live date or sell you additional licenses you don’t need.

Our team can help build the foundation for an efficient implementation, ensure your project goes as planned, and hold other partners accountable for their end of the deal.

2) Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Our Workday project managers have seen quite a few projects over the years and have experience handling a variety of issues across the Workday ecosystem.

Because of their wide range of Workday expertise and experience in many different technical and functional areas, our team can think on our feet and provide support for your unique needs, efficiently and effectively!

3) Post Go-Live Support

Our support doesn’t stop once your Workday system is live.

Our project managers are here to provide support whenever and wherever you need it, including integrating new tools, assessing employee ability, or managing system upgrades as needed.

Even better, if your internal teams run into any issues once they start operating their Workday apps on their own, our consultants are ready to jump back in and resolve the issues at hand.

4) Training

Implementing a Workday system for the first time? No worries! Navigating first-time implementations, adding to your already existing Workday systems, or upgrading your systems are no problem for our team.

We understand that your employees are the ones who need to understand the Workday system the best, so we provide the right kind of training from the start.

With our Workday project managers, your organization can ensure employees are proficient in all things Workday and promote more efficient operations in the long run. 

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