Navigating the landscape of HR software can be challenging, given the wide range of solutions, enhancements, and integrations available.

Two solutions that lead the charge in facilitating more effective human capital management, UKG and Workday, offer unique features and capabilities to meet specific organizational needs. But how do they stack against each other in the UKG vs Workday comparison?

This article will take a closer look at the main features and capabilities of each solution, how both solutions can improve the efficiency of critical people processes across organizations, and where our expert consultants can come in to help.

Key Takeaways

  • UKG and Workday offer comprehensive HR solutions with varying features, making it necessary to consider an organization’s unique needs when choosing between them.
  • Both platforms provide user-friendly interfaces, mobile applications, payroll/benefits administration services, and third-party integrations with other software providers for an end-to-end experience.
  • The selection between Workday and UKG is influenced by factors such as talent management approach, features & functionality, integration capabilities, cost, and suitability for different-sized businesses.

UKG and Workday Faceoff: Core Features Compared

UKG and Workday are robust platforms designed to address the complex needs of HR management. UKG is a global solution that integrates with local payroll services in 65 countries, offering features like HR reporting, recruiting, and onboarding. Workday, on the other hand, is a comprehensive solution providing HR management, reporting, global compliance, and payroll services for mid-sized to larger enterprise organizations.

Both platforms offer comprehensive human capital management solutions but approach them in slightly different ways. UKG leverages sophisticated technologies like machine learning and AI for predictive analytics and business intelligence. Workday, in contrast, provides additional operational tools like professional services automation and an intelligent skills cloud for enhanced talent management.

Workforce Management Showdown

While UKG and Workday both provide comprehensive capabilities for workforce management, the choice ultimately depends on the nature and scale of your most critical organizational needs.

UKG’s core features include enhanced workflow management, an employee self-service portal, and a unified platform for optimizing processes, and Workday offers comprehensive solutions for managing employee records, salary details, and employee objectives.

Talent Management Tactics

UKG and Workday offer extensive talent management features, a pivotal aspect of any HR software. UKG provides a built-in learning module, employee surveys with sentiment analysis, and a performance management module to improve overall talent management and retention. Workday, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive solution covering the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding tools to succession planning, employee development, and more.

Learning Management System (LMS) Insights

UKG and Workday differ notably in their approach to learning management. UKG’s Learning Management System includes course management, content creation, and learner engagement, among other intelligent features. On the other hand, the Workday Learning Management System offers pre-built connections to core financial planning and management capabilities, which UKG does not provide.

The User Experience: UKG vs Workday

Selecting an HR platform greatly depends on the user experience. UKG and Workday provide a user experience encompassing user interface design, navigation, and mobile functionality.

UKG Pro has a personalized dashboard with customizable tiles and color schemes and is mobile-friendly. Workday’s interface design philosophy emphasizes user experience, focusing on intuitive navigation. Both platforms also offer mobile applications, with Workday covering most of its HCM features and UKG focusing on time tracking and scheduling capabilities.

Intuitive Interface and Navigation

Both UKG and Workday excel in interface design and navigation. UKG Pro features a personalized dashboard with customizable tiles and color schemes, providing a seamless navigation experience for users across business units. On the other hand, Workday’s interface is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that HR teams and employees can use the system with ease.

Mobile Mastery

The mobile capabilities of UKG and Workday are quite robust, designed to facilitate remote completion of daily tasks, providing a seamless user experience. Both platforms offer mobile apps that cater to the needs of deskless workers and managers. UKG’s mobile app offers a self-service platform for HR-related information. Workday’s mobile application provides intelligent time tracking, benefits enrollment, and expense management features that empower users to take control of their own experience.

Payroll and Benefits: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Payroll and benefits management are integral parts of any HR software, and both UKG and Workday offer comprehensive payroll and benefits administration features.

UKG specializes in customizable payroll solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, including time clock, labor scheduling, and compensation management capabilities and integrations with local or global payroll providers. On the other hand, Workday provides advanced tools for payroll processing, tax compliance, employee self-service, and custom reporting.

Both UKG and Workday also offer benefits administration features such as employee self-service, automated enrollment, and compliance tracking. However, UKG additionally offers the UKG Wallet platform that gives employees access to their earned wages, a feature that may be advantageous for certain businesses.

Payroll Precision

UKG and Workday both deliver reliable and precise payroll processing services. UKG provides tools for managing payroll efficiently, optimizing pay processes, and ensuring accurate pay for all employees, regardless of their employment status. On the other hand, Workday offers a workday payroll system integrated with other Workday modules, providing employees with accurate payroll information.

Benefits Administration Breakdown

UKG and Workday both offer an extensive array of benefits administration features. UKG provides enhanced workflow management, an employee self-service portal, and real-time system updates. Workday’s Benefits dashboard offers flexibility and control, a streamlined employee enrollment workflow, and a comprehensive and unified platform.

Compliance and Analytics: UKG vs Workday

Compliance and analytics comparison: UKG vs Workday

Compliance and analytics are pivotal components of any HR software. UKG offers robust reporting capabilities that enable HR professionals to generate compliance reports, ensuring organizations meet their regulatory obligations. On the other hand, Workday offers data-driven insights by examining workforce trends and patterns, providing real-time insights into HR data.

Although both platforms provide comprehensive compliance and analytics features, they adopt slightly different approaches. UKG leverages robust reporting capabilities, while Workday relies on data-driven insights through automation and machine learning capabilities. One platform may be more suitable depending on your organization’s specific compliance and analytics needs.

Compliance Dashboard Dynamics

Compliance is a critical aspect of HR, and both UKG and Workday offer robust compliance dashboards. Both platforms offer comprehensive compliance dashboards, but the choice between the two will depend on your specific compliance needs.

On the one hand, UKG’s compliance dashboard provides the following:

  • Access to legislative updates
  • Intuitive workforce management tools
  • Reporting capabilities, including employee data analysis
  • The ability to remain compliant with payroll and EEOC requirements.

On the other, Workday’s compliance dashboard is designed to allow users to monitor critical compliance metrics and identify areas of concern by utilizing customizable dashboards.

Reporting and Analytics Advantages

UKG and Workday both offer strong capabilities in reporting and analytics. UKG provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, including dashboards, custom reports, heat maps, and scattergraphs for business data analysis. Workday offers data-driven insights by examining workforce trends and patterns, integrating with other Workday modules, and providing real-time insights into HR data.

Integration and Support: Seamless Operations with UKG and Workday

Integration and support options with UKG and Workday

UKG and Workday offer various integration options with external software, like third-party payroll providers and automated applicant tracking systems, ensuring seamless operations across the board.

UKG integrates with Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Shifts, Office365, and UltiPro Core Data Integration. Workday, on the other hand, is compatible with a variety of third-party software, such as Vertex, AWS, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and IBM.

In terms of support, both UKG and Workday offer dedicated implementation support. UKG provides basic technical and user support services and access to specific resources for resolving more complex issues. Workday provides comprehensive implementation support through dedicated implementation partners and on-demand technical assistance to its users through IT connection.

Third-Party Integrations

Both UKG and Workday offer robust third-party integration options. UKG integrates with various applications like Google, Boomi, and Workato. Workday, on the other hand, integrates with a variety of third-party software, such as Teamflect, Workday Prism Analytics, and external HCM software like UKG, SAP, and Ceridian Dayforce. The choice between the two platforms may depend on which third-party applications your organization uses most frequently and where your integration needs lie across teams.

Technical Support and Training

Technical support and training resources are necessary to maximize the use of an HR platform. UKG provides technical support services, including basic technical and user support services, and access to specific resources for resolving more complex issues. Users can utilize Learning Journeys, UKG Pro Experience, Discussion Groups, and Recorded demos for individual training needs.

Workday, on the other hand, provides technical assistance to its users through IT, on-demand support portals, and a comprehensive user community that facilitates collaboration across teams. The choice between the two platforms may depend on your organization’s specific support and employee training requirements.

Implementation Impact: UKG vs. Workday

Considering the implementation process and costs is essential when choosing the right HR platform for your needs. UKG’s implementation timeline may vary depending on the specific requirements and scope of the project, with phased rollouts being common. Workday’s implementation timeline is usually 4-6 months for larger organizations but also depends on an organization’s specific implementation requirements and objectives.

Rollout and Onboarding

UKG and Workday offer relatively straightforward processes for rollout and onboarding. UKG’s rollout process involves Planning, Configuration, Communication, Pilot, and Rollout phases. Workday’s rollout process includes assessing current HR processes and practices, conducting preliminary workflow testing, planning for data migration, building internal teams, and deploying the Workday system.

Decision Drivers: Key Factors Influencing UKG vs Workday Selection

In terms of industry fit, UKG is suitable for both large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses, particularly mid-sized enterprises and large corporations. For example, UKG takes a data-driven approach to talent management, while Workday emphasizes keeping businesses informed during the job search process. Workday, on the other hand, is better suited for large enterprises with more complex HR needs.

Several key factors influence the selection between UKG and Workday, including:

  • Talent management approach
  • Features and functionality
  • User ratings and reviews
  • Integration capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Cost

Industry Fit

UKG and Workday cater to different industry needs. UKG typically provides services to the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and professional services industries. Workday provides services for a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and retail. The choice between the two platforms may depend on your industry’s specific needs and priorities.

Strategic Alignment

Choosing an HR platform requires a strategic alignment with business goals. UKG facilitates the alignment of strategic business goals through its customer success team and Performance Management module.

Workday HCM assists organizations in:

  • Connecting their workforce plans to strategic goals
  • Adjusting future workforce composition to business objectives
  • Enabling efficient workforce analytics and planning

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help considering and choosing the right ERP software provider for your organizational needs, additional support implementing UKG or Workday HCM solutions for the first time, or just an extra hand backfilling support for your legacy systems during a migration to a new system, Surety Systems is here to help.

We provide senior-level consultants in both the Workday and UKG consulting space, enabling organizations to improve control over their end-to-end people management processes and facilitating better connections between business teams and systems.

Our Workday and UKG consulting teams have the skills, experience, and proven track record of handling your most critical project needs and leading you to success in the long run, ensuring you have everything you need to be successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Workday better than UKG?

Workday is an advanced and unified workforce management platform that helps large multinational companies better connect their financials, payroll, and HR systems. Compared to UKG, Workday allows less data entry and enables you to move workers ahead and effectively run operations.

What are the main advantages of Workday?

Workday provides a full suite of payroll and benefits applications with built-in AI functionality, enabling businesses to make confident decisions faster. Data segregation allows employees worldwide to access real-time data, and improved payroll compliance ensures smooth organizational functioning.

Are Workday and Kronos the same?

No, Workday and Kronos are not the same. They offer workforce management, employee training, and career development capabilities, but they provide different services and features for organizations of various sizes.

What core features do UKG and Workday offer?

UKG and Workday offer core features such as a global system of record, global regulation compliance, HR reporting, recruiting, onboarding, finance, HR management, payroll, and talent management.