While nearly every large company has a learning management system (LMS), often mandated by compliance regulations, many of those systems are outdated and difficult to use. When people want to learn something in their personal lives these days, they go to YouTube, and they expect the same ease-of-use in their professional lives. Enter Workday Learning.

Workday Learning provides that modern approach to learning with an experience that’s consumer-like, on-demand, and personalized. Built with the individual’s needs in mind, Workday Learning aims to address the gaps with current learning management systems.

This article explains some of the features and benefits of the Workday Learning Management System, as well as why you should consider it as your learning management system. So put on your thinking cap, and we’ll school you on Workday Learning. 

What is Workday Learning?

Workday Learning was first introduced in 2016, and was considered ahead of its time in many ways. Workday developed the solution around the idea of “learning in the flow of work,” which means bringing learning into the various stages of the employee’s journey. This means employees can learn when and where they need it, making what they’ve learned more likely to stick. 

And, in a world where workplaces are constantly changing, your LMS needs to be able to keep up with updated policies, deliver critical learning tools to a diverse workforce, and help you gain valuable insights about your organization’s compliance and training needs. The Workday Learning center not only empowers employees through its personalized learning information and workforce training modules, but it also helps the organization as a whole increase workforce readiness and redefine operational effectiveness, all in the natural flow of work.

Workday Learning was built into Workday’s suite of applications, including Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workday Financial Management, to give customers a single system with one source of data. This single-system approach gives administrators the opportunity to streamline their learning processes across the board, making it easier to keep organizations operating efficiently and tracking their total business and employee performance, no matter the size or location of your business or the industry you’re in.

Features of Workday Learning

Workday Learning has a comprehensive set of features and capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of the key capabilities: 

Learning Management 

Your admins can create, update, and configure learning programs easily. And, they can go even further to set requirements for audiences, viewing (on-demand, required, enrollable), and manage grading requirements. This way, administrators are in control of their own LMS and are able to cater it to the specific needs of their employees, keeping them engaged and connected to the process through every step.

Blended Learning

You can deliver online, in-person, or hybrid courses through Workday Learning. Need to combine a mix of different types of content (i.e., video, documents, eLearning) to create blended courses? Not a problem. And as far as meeting compliance and certification requirements, you’ll be able to track it all behind the scenes, giving you real-time insights about the effectiveness of your Workday system.

Peer Learning 

Learning doesn’t have to be a one-way street. You know what they say about how the best way to learn something is by teaching someone else? With Workday Learning, workers can share their expertise by uploading videos and other content to share across the company. This empowers employees and enables them to stay more connected throughout the organization, making for a more satisfied workforce. Team work makes the dream work right?

Social Learning 

In today’s world, social media and information sharing are at the forefront of people’s lives, so being able to share your Workday Learn experience with others could be beneficial in accelerating personal success, but also that of your organization or industry as a whole. Watch your learning go viral with the ability for employees to rate, share, and collaborate. Of course, you’ll still have complete control over the content employees can create and share. 

Contemporary Content 

With Workday Learning, you can develop engaging and active learning content. You’ll have the ability to insert questions or comments into videos to get feedback from the learners in real time. Workday also comes with unlimited storage and streaming on a video platform that converts and encodes. 

Learning Campaigns 

Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time with access to all Workday data. By taking advantage of this information, you’re able to create campaigns to assign required training to specific individuals and departments based on their specific needs.

Learning Insights 

If you want to know how learning is making an impact, it’s simple to measure with Workday Learning. Access to dashboards, reports, and other analytics makes it easy to identify gaps, training opportunities, and areas of growth for the future of your LMS and your whole organization.

Benefits of Workday Learning 

Workday Learning provides customers with rich content, support for various learning experiences, and data insights to enhance the learning process. Now, let’s take a look at three specific benefits of the tool. 

Personalized Learning

Workday can recognize users and develop personalized recommendations and experiences based on various employee factors. For example, the system can recommend a video to new managers based on their current titles at the company. 

Endless Experiences

Learning doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all experience. Workday supports everything from short to jumbo learning programs and mandatory compliance and certification training. This way, there’s a Workday system for that fits your organizational needs, whether you have 50,000 employees and 10 locations or 50 employees and only 1 office.

Built-in Insights

With access to data from Workday HCM and Workday Financial Management, you’ll have insights into all your learning activities. Your managers can quickly see how employees engage with and complete their development plans, helping them make better, data-based decisions to enhance employee productivity and operational effectiveness. 

Getting Started with Workday Learning 

Workday Learning combines professional development, peer learning, and required training into one engaging experience, so workers won’t just think of it as a required activity—they’ll want to learn.

And if your organization is ready to get started with your own Workday Learning platform, our senior-level Workday consulting team can help. We have the expertise and experience to guide you through a successful implementation so that you can maximize the value of Workday Learning quicker and more smoothly..

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