With the advent of spring, people are encouraged to take a good hard look at the things they’ve collected and ask themselves, “Do I really need all this stuff?” Often, the answer is “No,” and while it can be an arduous task, getting rid of clutter can do wonders for one’s efficiency and peace of mind. As it turns out, businesses can do with spring cleaning, too, and when you’re already cleaning out everything else (or considering a switch from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning), it’s the perfect time for you to consider which parts of your CRM “spark joy.”

Things You Can Declutter

Contact Info

While it’s a good idea to go through your contact information in Salesforce periodically, spring cleaning is a great time to do a rundown on your most important contacts. When looking at a contact, ask yourself whether that person is in the same role or department (or even company). Is there someone else who be a better person to contact for that particular issue?

Remember, the average contact list will decay by 30% year-over-year. Weeding out bad contacts will help improve your efficiency.

Duplicate/Bad Data

Over time, duplicate records can accumulate and cause inefficiencies or even errors. Spring cleaning is a great way to give you the motivation to go through your Salesforce org and find duplicate (or even bad) data and get rid of it.

There are a number of apps on the AppExchange that are great for getting rid of dupes, including DemandTools, Data.com Clean, and DupeCatcher.

Installed AppExchange Apps

Speaking of AppExchange Apps, you may find as you look through yours that you downloaded a few here and there, only to find they weren’t quite what you needed. You might not even remember downloading them! Spring cleaning is a perfect time to let go of the apps you don’t use or need and clear up some space.


Now is the time to take stock of your Salesforce licenses. You may think that your company has just the right number for your needs, but do a little digging and you might find that you’re using most (or even all) of your licenses. Or perhaps you have the opposite problem, with some users not taking advantage of their licenses at all.

  • An easy way to find that is to create a List View on the Users Object to show all the Active Users (and make sure the “last login” field is visible). Save and sort your list, and voila!

In addition to helping you find users who haven’t logged in to Salesforce in ages, user records with blank login fields are people who have never logged on. In either case, this information will help you decide whether those users simply need to be retrained or if those licenses should be given to someone else.

Organize Your File Storage

You may have more records in your Salesforce Objects than you think, so better time than now to look through them and see what you actually need to keep. If you find that you don’t have much extra space, but you also don’t have much you can delete, consider purchasing more storage space.

Outdated Reports/Dashboards

If you have outdated reports or old dashboards that no one is using, get rid of them! (An easy way to check on the latter—if you look at the Last Refresh Date of dashboards, you can see the last time that it was run.)

Supercharge Your Spring Cleaning With Salesforce Lightning

If you’re planning on decluttering your Salesforce org anyway, now might be the perfect time to explore Salesforce Lightning Experience. Switching to the new, easy-to-use version of the platform is a great way to look at how your company is really using the solution, not to mention taking advantage of a ton of new futures.

Not sure if making the switch is the right move for you? Not to worry—these articles are a great place to learn more.

Whether it’s your home, car, or Salesforce Org, we know that decluttering on your own can be difficult. If you need a helping hand, our extensive network of senior-level Salesforce consultants is able to assist you in figuring out which of your objects, data, reports, and more you really need to keep.

To get started, get in touch with us today.