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Dependable Lawson S3 Consulting for Your Legacy System

Dependable Lawson S3 Consulting for Your Legacy System

Today, Infor s3 is known as a global leader of industry-specific software solutions. But before Infor there was Lawson. In fact, one of the company’s biggest milestones was the acquisition of Lawson in 2011. Since the acquisition, Infor has continued to innovate and develop new technologies that help companies work smarter and harder and, ultimately, achieve digital transformation.

Despite the breakthroughs and advances, an entire universe of legacy Lawson customers remains. And according to our Lawson survey, a vast majority of respondents are still running at least some components of Lawson S3. Shiny and new is exciting but, at the end of the day, isn’t always feasible.

Here’s How We Can Help

If you’re looking for Lawson S3 consultants for your legacy apps, look no further. Surety’s Lawson S3 consulting group has vast experience with each of the three suites and can provide custom development, security, system administration, interface/integration, and much more. Though it’s not the newest solution, Lawson S3 is a powerful platform with a strong user base—and Surety is dedicated to your success.

Is your version of Lawson S3 no longer supported? We’ve got you covered. Is your maintenance agreement expiring soon (or has it already expired)? Not to worry. We can even help with hybrid setups, so if you’re running most of your Infor apps on Cloudsuite (except for Lawson S3 Payroll), that’s no sweat. No matter your need, our Lawson S3 consulting group is here to help.

Lawson Supplier Portal Implementation Reduces Demands on Overwhelmed AP Team

When a 15-hospital healthcare system was feeling overrun with vendor communication, Surety helped implement Lawson Supplier Portal and Supplier Order Management technology. This solution would allow them to automate more pieces of the process, following best practices to fully leverage the module’s capabilities.

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