Lawson enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software platform that provides software and services to enhance companies’ key business processes. Lawson offers ERP and human capital management (HCM) applications for businesses of all sizes. The Lawson Software company was acquired by Infor for $2B in 2011, making them one of the largest enterprise software companies on the market with Oracle and SAP.

While Oracle and SAP might be some of the big-name players in the ERP market, don’t let their popularity fool you into overlooking Infor Lawson—it’s definitely a contender for the title of “Software Your Business Needs.” Whether you currently have an ERP solution, are looking to implement one, or just want to know more about the subject, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you understand the Infor Lawson Software market in general, as well as how Infor Lawson’s solutions can benefit modern organizations like yours in particular and synchronize company financials.

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Lawson ERP Software at a Glance—M3 and S3 

Whether you prefer your software to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, Lawson ERP has you covered. Of course, one advantage to the cloud-based solutions is that it’s securely hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS), helping scale quickly without having to worry about hosting or management, but if you’re into on-prem deployment, not to worry.

Lawson’s two main ERP products are called M3 and S3.

Lawson M3 

The Lawson M3 solution is designed to support industries that make, move, or maintain processes (such as manufacturing and distribution) and helps you with applications that are integrated into other areas of your business, including financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain planning, and execution. 

Lawson S3

As for Lawson S3, this solution was developed to help service industries staff, source, and serve—here’s a reason it’s called, “S3.” Industries that could really use Lawson S3 include healthcare, public services, retail, financial services, and other service providers. The solution makes it easier for companies in these industries to manage two critical areas of their businesses: supply chain and financial processes. 

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Infor Lawson Software Benefits

Infor Lawson is a robust, agile platform that integrates seamlessly into your enterprise. So much so, in fact, that Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP recently named Lawson a Visionary. Here are a few more reasons why the software is so well-received: 

  • Its dedicated focus on industry-focused software helps deliver sector-specific feature sets, business processes, reports, and compliance requirements to those unique organizational needs.
  • Its mobile functionality is perfect for today’s remote and disparate workforces that need access anywhere, anytime.
  • Its cloud-based software helps companies reduce IT costs and scale rapidly when needed.

Who Uses Infor Lawson? 

Infor Lawson can handle the needs of almost any industry, however, they cater specifically to retail, manufacturing, financial services, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. Lawson products are also well suited for mid-market companies with 1,000 or more employees. Some notable customers include Pilot Travel Centers and J.R. Watkins. 

How Does Infor Lawson Compare to Competitors?

There are a lot of major tech companies in the ERP and HCM space today, and the competition for customers is fierce. But in an independent report—based on a survey of 263 respondents—Infor Lawson went up against several other major ERP vendors, and some of the key takeaways from that report include the fact that:

  • Many of Infor’s customers said that ERP software played an important role in their digital strategy.
  • Infor Lawson Software has the shortest implementations.
  • Infor Lawson Software has the shortest operational disruptions.

Implementing Infor Lawson

When evaluating ERP vendors, companies need to consider software functionality, deployment options, and product viability. An informed decision also requires a firm vision for your organization’s digital strategy and goals. Infor Lawson is a robust ERP system that can provide tremendous financial value to many organizations, but if you lack the skills and expertise to implement or upgrade your current software, you’re going to want to partner with an implementation expert. 

That’s where Surety Systems can help. As Infor Delivery Partners, our senior-level Infor Lawson consulting team has real-world experience implementing these solutions and helping customers like you utilize every inch of their software. If you’re ready to get started, or just want to learn more, contact us today.