The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thrust supply chains into the public eye. As unpredicted demand for certain goods and global lockdowns have wreaked havoc on operations, they’ve also exposed problems with supply chain management. But to the forward-thinking organization, a challenge is just another word for “opportunity.”

Now is the time to rethink your supply chain management strategy to help improve its resilience, risk mitigation, and sustainability. Infor Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions can give your organization the intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration and data-driven insights you need to deliver to your customers on time—every time. 

This article covers the features and benefits of Infor SCM to help you determine if it’s the right solution to support your business. Let’s dive in.

What is Infor Supply Chain Management? 

A set of comprehensive supply chain management solutions, Infor SCM provides real-time orchestration by connecting businesses to their partners and digitally transforming planning to delivery processes. The solutions are industry-specific and built for the cloud to help you save money, improve security and uptime, and enable scalability. The suite also combines data with predictive and prescriptive insights from Infor Coleman artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a smarter supply chain.

Key Features of Infor Supply Chain Management

Now that you have a general picture of what Infor SCM is, let’s take a closer look at the key features and functionality of the supply chain management solution. 

Supply Planning 

Customizable supply planning solutions make it much easier to streamline tactical, strategic, and operational planning processes, all of which help organizations meet business requirements like multi-site planning, balancing product mix, demand planning, and shelf-life requirements. 

Demand Management

Using AI and machine learning, you can predict and deliver demand based on real-time data. That information helps your retailers with demand forecasting, financial and assortment planning, lifecycle pricing, and more. 

Warehouse Management 

Warehouse fulfillment that combines 3D visual analysis and embedded labor management helps to reduce complexity and enhance operations. Not only that, but this facet of Infor SCM also improves productivity and order accuracy thanks to B2B and B2C fulfillment support and labor management. 

Business Planning 

Improve response and decision-making with a shared platform, common KPIs, and planning data repositories. Gain visibility, analytics, and collaboration capabilities to reduce costs and increase services. 

Production Scheduling 

Production scheduling helps optimize resources, reduce downtime, and increase capacity. Manufacturers can respond to changes quickly with modeling capabilities and automation. 

Infor Nexus 

Infor Nexus connects businesses to suppliers, banks, manufacturers, and 3PLs in a single cloud-based platform. This helps businesses predict and respond to changes through apps with advanced planning, execution, and finance capabilities. 

Transportation Management

This feature allows you to manage global multi-leg, multi-mode transportation across various parties. By connecting worldwide service providers across geographies and transportation activities, you can achieve reliability, control, and customer delivery. 

Benefits of Using Infor Supply Chain Management

We’ve covered what Infor SCM is in general, as well as its major features, but what are some of the key advantages of the solution? Why choose it over the competition? Here are a few benefits of Infor SCM that we think you’re going to like.

Accurate Forecasts

Enhance forecasting with probabilistic forecasting methods and a collaborative demand planning platform. You’ll also gain better insights with performance dashboards and a better user experience to increase productivity. 

Control Supply

Reduce out-of-stocks and lost revenue by ensuring supply through your digital channels and receive alerts to learn about issues before they become a problem. 

Improve Costs and Compliance

Automating your document creation and order management will lead to better compliance. Suppliers can improve processes and reduce errors by creating invoices from purchase orders or packing lists. Finally, payment and chargeback management will improve supplier relationships and save money. 


Boost order accuracy and availability with increased visibility across the supply chain. Access to real-time visibility with IoT data increases speed, quality, and shipment availability statuses.

Infor Supply Chain Management with Surety Systems 

Infor SCM solutions help you maximize profits, optimize operations, analyze results, and create a more efficient supply chain. According to Infor, customers experience:

  • 25% reduction in supply chain costs
  • 40% reduction in wastage costs 
  • 98% reduction in invoice process time
  • 8-15% increase in team productivity  

Our senior-level Infor consulting team has the one-two punch of Infor SCM experience and deep industry knowledge  needed to help you build a successful supply chain management process and system. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you on any of your Infor projects.