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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, making it more important than ever for businesses to adapt. Infor Lawson has many innovative features to help companies stay current and competitive. It’s a highly customizable platform, but when out-of-the-box features still aren’t working for you, Infor Lawson custom development might be the answer.

As companies evolve, ERP customizations are realities that can’t be ignored. Modifications to existing Infor Lawson applications, custom form creation, and third-party software interfaces can all help businesses remain nimble. Of course, when Infor Lawson custom development is necessary, so is having a qualified expert on hand.

Infor & Lawson technologies are always changing, which is why an expert consultant with deep technical knowledge and experience with clients in a variety of industries is so critical to your success. Luckily, Surety Systems has just that. Our unbiased consultants can assist you with everything from Landmark-based customizations (like Configuration Console/LPL, working with ION, Data Lakes, or Replication sets), or back to the core Design Studio with COBOL-type items. No matter your struggle, count on Surety for the Infor Lawson Custom Development you need to get up and running.

Hospital Acquisition Calls for Need to Unify Lawson Systems

When a local community hospital with 2,000 employees was acquired by a much larger 10,000-person system, the organizations needed to establish a unified Lawson system. See how Surety merged the two implementations and moved from S3 to Landmark and Global Human Resources (GHR).

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