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Salesforce CPQ is like hitting the nitrous on your business. Buckle up.

So long as you and your fellow employees want to keep getting paid, your company needs a strong Quote-to-Cash process. Without it, salespeople can give out incorrect pricing, quotes can take too long to get out to customers, and a whole host of other problems can rear their ugly heads. Enter Salesforce CPQ, which stands for Configure, Price, and Quote.

The goal of any CPQ software is threefold: 1) help you configure product offerings, 2) price them correctly, 3) create fast and accurate quotes based on that information. Your salespeople should be spending time talking to customers, not going over paperwork (again). So let them focus on the people stuff and let Salesforce CPQ handle what it does best: everything else.

Surety’s network of senior-level Salesforce CPQ consultants can help you tackle training, integrations, implementations, and more. Whether you’re dealing with contract conundrums, pricing problems, or quote quandaries, Surety’s got your back.


Blast off with Surety today.

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