In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are always on the lookout for new solutions to help them streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction over time. If you find yourself looking for the same thing, Microsoft Dynamics CPQ may be your solution.

This intelligent Configure, Price, and Quote tool provides robust capabilities to help organizations streamline sales management, adequately create quotes for products, improve sales productivity, and more.

Read on to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CPQ and how our Dynamics consulting services can help your organization.

What is Microsoft Dynamics CPQ?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) is a complete pricing management solution designed to manage product pricing, configuration, and quoting all under one roof. This way, employees don’t have to jump back and forth between systems to find the product or pricing information they need – it’s all available in one unified location.

With a centralized repository for product information, guided selling workflows, and integrations between CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales teams can curate accurate price quotes quickly and easily.

Dynamics CPQ, an easy-to-use platform for streamlined configure, price, and quote processes, gives Microsoft Dynamics CRM users everything they need to start automating the quoting process and improving overall productivity.

What Does CPQ Mean for Business Users?

CPQ stands for Configure-Price-Quote and is a sales software solution that helps organizations assess customer data, configure the price of their products, and create quotes to present to their buyers. 

Companies can leverage intelligent pricing models, product dependencies, discounting functions, and other methodologies to configure a CPQ solution. The software draws up the quote or proposal and keeps tabs on the receipt of the document and e-signature from customers in the process.

Configuration: Ensures the necessary goods or services are available, suitable for the buyer, and deliverable within the specified timeline.

Price: Enables vendors to select between goods, bundles, and services and presents savings that benefit both parties.

Quote: Ensures all pricing documents are cohesive, comply with the company and industry regulations, and contain all the materials required to close the sale.

Why do Dynamics 365 Users Need CPQ?

By empowering sales teams to provide accurate sales quotes in minutes instead of hours based on current product configurations and price guidelines, CPQ empowers a more efficient B2B sales process.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales gains value from the CPQ platform by enabling sales teams to offer accurate, detailed, and compliant quotes while maintaining their engagement over time.

When products or services have a certain level of complexity and multiple options or factors heighten the requirement for accurate quoting, CPQ solutions deliver ROI across the entire organization. This is typically the case for buys in the financial, services, and manufacturing sectors, allowing them to manage complex products more effectively and ensure timely service delivery.

Closing Deals Quickly with CPQ

By leveraging preconfigured templates and real-time pricing metrics, CPQ software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales streamlines the price quotation process and enables sales reps to create error-free quotes directly from their CRM. 

CPQ is a mission-critical sales technology that allows sales teams to respond quickly to buyer requests for quotes while reducing administrative activities in a highly competitive global market.

Customer-Centric Price Quote Process

A CPQ lets your sales team focus on unique customer needs by replying with the right pricing, content, and messaging so they can make a quicker, more informed decision. This aligns with the Microsoft Dynamics customer-centric approach, ensuring the customer stays at the center of the sales process, no matter what.

To keep deals on the right track and move them forward, the Sales Playbook tool in the CPQ platform is directed at product selling workflows. The Dynamics CPQ solution also allows sales representatives to choose the best-fit configurations for each customer by maintaining consistency across pricing, discount, and approval workflows.

Many stock-keeping unit (SKU) variations can also be streamlined into a guided question-and-answer process using a master CPQ template, ultimately removing complexity and generating quotes that are easier for customers to understand.

What Problems Can CPQ Solve?

  1. Streamline price quoting
  2. Improve quote accuracy
  3. Offer real-time buyer engagement insights
  4. Maintain data hygiene and consistency

Benefits of CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics

CPQ software is crucial for businesses with complex pricing or changeable product configurations, as it automates and streamlines the production of precise estimates for products with numerous variations. By automatically determining if different items and setups are compatible, CPQ software can also assist sales reps in avoiding costly mistakes.

Here’s a look at some of the main benefits of CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Automate renewals
  • Streamline pricing, sizing, and configuration
  • Simplify the sales process
  • Improve internal collaboration
  • Standardize proposals
  • Enable compliance with legal and pricing policies

Things to Look for in CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics

Companies can streamline and automate their entire sales process with a CPQ that creates accurate quotes and integrates core document generation, approval, and versioning capabilities.

Although many common CPQ capabilities are available, your organization’s unique sales and pricing initiatives could require specific product customizations. Before moving forward with a CPQ solution, users should verify that each vendor comprehends their precise business needs and can scale solutions up or down to withstand change over time.

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