In today’s quickly evolving educational landscape, higher learning organizations seek innovative solutions to streamline administrative processes, improve student outcomes, and adapt to the ever-changing demands of modern education.

Implementing a robust Workday Student Information System (SIS) has become key for universities and colleges worldwide to accommodate key challenges associated with student data management, financial aid, and more.

Read on to learn more about Workday SIS and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help maximize your technical investment and improve the overall student experience.

What is a Higher Education Student Information System?

While higher-ed institutions utilize various software solutions and technical tools, the phrase ‘higher education software’ usually refers to higher education information systems or student information systems (SIS). These intelligent student systems help educational institutions handle data and tasks associated with students’ academic paths, including admission, advising, enrollment, academic planning, curriculum management, financial aid, and more.

What is Workday SIS?

Workday SIS (Workday Student Information System) was built when Workday partnered with top higher education institutions to build the only student administration solution catered to today’s mobile generation. Today, the Workday Student system helps institutions still utilizing outdated legacy technology to run their campuses find new ways to optimize core business processes, manage data, and improve student and faculty productivity.

Key Features of Workday SIS

Here’s a look at some of the top features of the Workday Student system:

Flexible foundation

Workday SIS offers a flexible design to deliver the greatest customization opportunities and provide resources that align the system with the organization’s core operations. The flexible framework and intelligent tools enable organizations to support academic records, policies, curriculum, calendaring, billing, and grading schemes and access various arrangement options to connect tools to existing business procedures.

Student success opportunities

Created to facilitate institutional adaptation to ever-changing teaching, learning, and research needs, Workday Student offers easily configurable tools and fresh insights and ensures a seamless student experience across the complete student lifecycle. With a continual delivery model and various configuration options, Workday’s adaptable foundation evolves as organizations navigate change and growth.

Recognizing the significance of sustained student involvement throughout their academic journey, Workday integrates embedded engagement features across its entire product suite, empowering users to interact with students during key moments. Ultimately, Workday SIS allows campus communities to drive better decision-making and prioritize what truly matters: student success.

Workday Journeys for Students

In today’s educational landscape, students juggle multiple courses, extracurriculars, and other responsibilities, often requiring additional support to ensure they don’t overlook important milestones. Modern digital resources enable students to access relevant and timely information whenever and wherever they want.

With Workday Journeys for Students, users can build tailored content and guided pathways focused on pivotal moments in their academic journey. These journey paths may include various elements, such as Workday tasks, actionable items, external links, informational articles, and integrated videos.

Student-focused experiences

Workday prioritizes the needs and experiences of its core users: faculty, students, administrators, and third-party stakeholders. Realizing that each user group has different roles, motivations, and expectations, Workday SIS is designed to help them understand how features should develop over time. 

For example, if students need their parents to access their schedule and handle tuition payments, it involves three distinct experiences—the administrators, the parents, and the students. The Workday Student platform aims to provide a user-friendly interface and seamless interactions that drive efficient task completion and enhance overall student success.

Improved student engagement

A crucial element of modern student management systems involves embedded engagement features that can effectively handle student information at various stages of their academic path. These engagements aren’t stagnant and can be built proactively based on actions taken, connections established, or obstacles overcome, further improving efficiency and supporting student self-service. 

Active engagement includes various functionalities, including third-party permissions, notifications, actionable tasks, academic progress tracking, alerts, appointment schedules, override requests, and more. The insights gathered from these engagement interactions provide valuable data to inform subsequent actions and facilitate continuous improvement across student-facing processes.

Unified system

Workday combines Workday HCM, Workday Financial Management, Workday Student, and Workday Adaptive planning in a unified enterprise ecosystem, enabling organizations to build and depend on a single source of truth. Connecting modules like Workday Student and Workday Financial Management allows users to improve collaboration and access valuable insights, like revenue by program of study and loan rates.

New insights

Using Workday’s native reporting tools and unified data framework, end users can access the full potential of their most important data. For example, Workday Academic Planner records and manages the courses students plan to take in upcoming semesters, allowing university registrars and provosts to gain insights into actual course demand and improve resource allocation for more popular courses. 

Workday’s unified data framework combines data elements from various sources, including Workday HCM, Workday Financial Management, Workday Payroll, and Workday Student. This integration fosters quick insights into core work-study eligibility requirements and payroll calculations while offering visibility into remaining work-study funds available.

Key Benefits of Workday SIS

  • Interact with students and deliver positive mobile experiences across the student lifecycle
  • Limit costs by leveraging a true cloud-based delivery method and intelligent tools
  • Manage academic plans and student finances in a unified platform
  • Allow students to understand academic progress, monitor eligibility, and plan courses
  • Empower students, administrators, and other faculty members with self-service tools and a user-friendly interface
  • Gain new perspectives and insights with collaborative data across Workday Financial Management, Workday Student, and Workday HCM

What Makes Workday SIS Different?

Designed for student engagement.

Workday gives users the resources to deliver an unmatched experience, from email campaigns to pathways, notifications, and more. This means that institutions can meet students where they are and focus on the moments that matter.

Created to stay up-to-date with education changes.

Education is ever-changing, and Workday Student allows users to keep up. This system can seamlessly unify your entire organization and serve leaders and students better.

Proactive insights to stay ahead of the curve.

 Workday Student is connected to HR, planning, and finance, providing users with real-time insight into campuses and enabling them to respond quickly to changes in student data or processes.

Focus on student success.

By identifying at-risk students in real-time, Workday SIS enables organizations to lead students to success and gain a comprehensive view of each student and their experiences.

Adapt to change with flexibility.

The flexible foundation supports collaborative models so that multiple organizations can function independently in the same tenant. This allows users to adapt programs swiftly when things change.

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