As is true of many things in the world, higher education has undergone massive changes within the last year. And, many institutions are struggling to keep up with the shift to remote and hybrid learning, decreased funding, and rising enrollment costs.

Add the fact that many institutions are still operating on outdated legacy technology solutions, and it’s clear that something has to give. Colleges and universities need a way to navigate the changing higher education landscape. Enter Workday Student.

Workday Student to the Rescue

If modern places of learning are going to survive, they need to be agile enough to meet evolving student needs, which is where Workday enters the picture. And, many institutions nationwide are joining the movement by designing and executing their own customized Workday Student implementation.

Workday Student is designed for today’s modern campuses and is developed in conjunction with some of higher education’s top institutions.

In this article, we’ll “school” you on all the benefits, key features, and some of the latest product enhancements of Workday higher education so you can see how it stacks up against other student information systems. 

Ready to get started? Class is in session!

What is Workday Student?

Workday Student is an end-to-end student and staff lifecycle information system that works seamlessly with Workday Financials, Human Capital Management (HCM), Workday Adaptive Planning, and Workday Grants Management.

It’s a cloud-based solution designed to unite your whole campus under one application, reducing system friction and making for a more seamless experience.

Workday Student Features

Workday is helping higher education institutions, including Tallahassee Community College, Furman University, and Palm Beach State College, better serve students and leaders with the following features:


Thanks to its flexible architecture, this system provides an amazing level of personalization. For example, calendaring, academic policies, curriculum, billing, and more come with configuration options and business processes. It will feel like the solution was designed specifically for your institution’s unique needs.

Role-based User Experiences 

Workday Student’s features revolve around the user at any college or university, whether that’s a student, a professor, or an administrator. Users can customize accessibility and data sharing and can even view their profiles on their mobile devices. Students, for example, can give their parents access to their portal to see their class schedules, pay for tuition, view academic progress, and more. 

Enhanced Reporting 

This system includes native reporting and unified data to enhance reporting for end users. With a single solution, you can combine Workday HCM, Financial Management, Payroll, and Student data to gain insights into every aspect of your organization, from payroll to work/study eligibility. 

Unified Solution 

Along the same lines, there’s no need to hop into different tools to get the information you want. With Workday, you can unify every application from Financial Management, HCM, Planning, and more into a single platform, giving you access to real-time, accurate information at your fingertips. 

Who Uses Workday Student?

According to Workday, 26 universities and colleges have successfully gone live on Workday Student over the past year through virtual deployments. Workday’s Student system is also accessible for all students, staff, and higher education administrators at their respective colleges or universities.

Benefits of Workday Student

Workday has changed the higher education landscape, especially in the era of remote learning, by offering new and improved accessibility and functionality. Here are some of the benefits these institutions are experiencing: 

  • Better student engagement and mobile experiences 
  • More self-service options for students, faculty, and staff to take control of their journey
  • Lower IT costs with cloud technology
  • Enhanced reporting and insights with a unified, single platform for real-time records
  • Empowered students who can plan courses and get access to academic eligibility and progress when they need it

Recent Product Innovations in Workday Student

Not only are the capabilities pretty great right now, but Workday continues to innovate with more than 1,000 product enhancements across financial aid, student records, student finance, admissions, course planning, student employment, and more to help automate operations. 

New Additions

Workday has also added two new Workday People Experience hubs for finances and academics. The academics hub gives students access to information like academic records, course progress, appointments, and registration information. It also allows them to edit their academic journey on their schedule from any device. 

Workday will continue to enhance the product even further, which means that investing in Workday education is investing in a solution that will adapt to industry changes. 

Deploying Workday Student at Your Campus 

Keep up with the rapidly changing world of higher education with your own unique implementation. And if you want to get an A+ on the project, you’d be wise to bring in an experienced Workday Student consultant to help out. 

How Can We Help?

At Surety Systems, our senior-level Workday consulting team has the skills you need to plan, configure, implement, and maximize the technology.

Our team also has expertise in advising your integrations with existing applications and ensuring you get a comprehensive solution designed for your institution’s specific needs.

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