Adequate human resource management is crucial in today’s business world, especially when managing employee data and workforce processes on a global level. That’s where Workday Global Human Resources (GHR) comes in!

Workday GHR is an extension of the Workday HCM software suite, allowing users to do more than track and manage their internal workforce. With a complete view of your workforce, skills, and capabilities and better insight, Workday improves employee experiences and facilitates effective change management. Read on to learn more about Workday’s GHR solution.

Workday Global Human Resources

Workday Global Human Resources (GHR) is a comprehensive software suite consolidating various HR functionalities into a single platform. It enables customers to improve efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction across the global workforce.

By emphasizing a single data model for people, organizations, assignments, and business activities, Workday GHR software offers global uniformity while allowing local diversity. Workday also leverages its global viewpoint to provide valuable business insights across borders and facilitate effective business processes across various company locations.

Critical Use Cases for Workday GHR:

Talent Optimization

Workday GHR provides tools like regular check-ins, performance goals, and continuous feedback to attract, nurture, and retain top-tier talent effectively and efficiently.

This empowers employees and managers to participate in personalized and open feedback loops, ultimately contributing to employee development and retention.

Onboarding and Recruitment

Workday streamlines the recruitment process by providing tools for job postings, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling. When a candidate is selected, the platform seamlessly adapts to the onboarding process, ensuring no steps are missed, and the new hire is added correctly into the Workday system and integrated into the workforce landscape.

Benefits and Compensation

Managing compensation and benefits doesn’t have to be complex, even for larger organizations with constantly changing requirements and guidelines. Workday GHR streamlines this process by automating compensation adjustments, tracking benefit enrollment, and providing a full view of total rewards for employees.

Insights and Analytics

Workday GHR provides dynamic analytics and reporting features that enable HR professionals to create custom reports and gain actionable insights into diversity metrics, workforce trends, turnover rates, and more. With advanced workforce insights, organizations can align their HR strategies with critical business goals and improve overall decision-making.

Compliance and Security

With an increasing need for stringent data privacy regulations, Workday GHR software prioritizes compliance and security. It ensures sensitive employee data is stored and managed in alignment with industry standards and legal requirements, protecting employee and organizational data from unauthorized access.

Skills Cloud

Workday Skills Cloud takes a business-first approach to skills management by offering a pre-built skill set of over 55,000 skills, providing an enhanced user experience to optimize skill reporting and development. Organizations with better insights can identify performance gap analysis and top skills and empower leaders to develop employee talent. Workday Skills Cloud is the foundation for most of the machine-learning (ML) capabilities in Workday for HR.

Key Features of Workday’s GHR Solution:

Employee-Self Service

Workday GHR empowers employees with the self-service tools they need to be independent. With self-service functionality, employees can update personal information, view pay stubs, request time off, and access training resources, reducing the administrative burden on HR teams.

Unified Platform

Workday GHR offers a single source for essential HR functions like organizational structures, employee profiles, compensation data, time tracking, and more. This single-system approach eliminates data silos, reduces manual errors, and fosters collaboration across business units.

Operated Locally, Managed Globally

Workday provides a dynamic, customizable security model that enables customers to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. With pre-built internal functionality, Workday also allows users to optimize critical processes like contacts, offers, collective agreements, and apprentice management.

Full View of Global Workforce

With employee profile support for more than 200 nations, territories, and regions, users can track relevant data across local and global workforces, fostering nation-specific diversity and improving compliance-related capabilities within the system.

Manage All Types of Workers

Workday makes managing people at all organizational levels simple, including contract workers, permanent employees, independent contractors, and retirees.

Key Capabilities of Workday GHR

Here are the key capabilities Workday GHR provides for customers across the globe:

  • Centralized benefits administration
  • Complete management of worker and talent profiles
  • Global workforce management
  • Flexible organizational structures
  • Agile compensation management

Benefits for Customers

Here’s a look at the key benefits of GHR for Workday customers:

  • Gain insight into the global workforce
  • Empower and engage employees
  • Use key metrics to adapt quickly
  • Promote continued employee development over time
  • Empower users to control their own experience

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