In the ever-evolving landscape of human resources management, companies are turning to advanced technology solutions to streamline HR operations and improve efficiencies across their entire organization.

Enter Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) – a comprehensive, cloud-based enterprise solution created to transform how businesses manage their most important assets: their people.

Read on to learn more about Workday HCM, how it provides a unified solution for enterprise resource and people management, and where our Workday consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Workday HCM?

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is a cloud-based system that provides a single security model, a single source of data, and a single, harmonious user experience. 

This robust HCM solution offers an evolving solution to help users meet ever-changing business objectives and stay current with evolving industry trends and requirements. 

With its user-friendly interface, customers can access the most recent software version and features, regardless of whether users are accessing the solution on a web browser or a mobile device.

Features of Workday HCM

Here’s a look at some of the main features of the Workday HCM Suite:

Human Resource Management

Workday Human Resource Management (HRM) offers intelligent self-service tools and user-friendly functionality to manage employee and payment-related data and facilitate better team collaboration. 

The Workday HR Management solution is crucial in helping companies oversee employee operations and gain greater visibility into the entire workforce. It aids in establishing uniformity, generating critical business insights, and improving user experiences across the board.


  • Aids in facilitating effective organization management.
  • Assists with all management-related tasks, including compensation tracking, absence management, and more.
  • Leverages self-service functionality to save managers and their teams valuable time, resources, and effort.

Benefits Administration

To fulfill the unique requirements of their business operations, Workday Benefits helps organizations define, manage, and modify their benefits plans and packages as needed. 

With Benefits Administration functionality in Workday HCM, companies can also automate employee data management to ensure the right benefits packages are applied to the right employees.


  • Helps users identify, navigate, and unify benefit programs and offerings
  • Defines application processes to ensure employees receive the appropriate benefits packages.
  • Manage benefits requirements and stay up-to-date with ever-changing eligibility rules.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

The Workforce Planning and Analytics module provides a fully actionable and dynamic talent management perspective, empowering businesses to make better decisions and outperform their competitors. 

Comprehensive analytics capabilities in the Workday analytical tool enable users to manage talent pools, improve role and job development, enhance performance training, and take direct action during recruitment.


  • Aids in planning for operational headcount across teams and departments.
  • Improves talent management and the analysis of supply and demand.
  • Outlines best practices for efficient workforce planning and analysis operations.

Work and Project Management

The Work and Project Management module helps businesses concentrate on critical elements that make their business tick, including the staff skillsets, existing company resources, and the nature of essential business management tasks. 

This module offers functionality beyond other job-management solutions or traditional project-management system add-ons. 

By leveraging intelligent work and project management tools in Workday HCM, companies can complete and manage critical business tasks, including employee staffing and data tracking, analysis, and management across teams.


  • Provides work management systems for different types of labor.
  • Assigns tasks and facilitates more efficient goal accomplishment.
  • Offers best practices to monitor expenses, rates, and spending plans.

Big Data Analytics for HCM

The Big Data Analytics solution can be used to combine data from multiple non-Workday data sources with existing Workday data sources, including large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Big Data Analytics unifies critical business data and applications to deliver important workforce information and support more informed decision-making. It also provides a single source of truth and a unified security platform to improve data visibility and enhance user experiences across the entire organization.

By using pre-built analytics templates, the Big Data Analytics platform makes it easier than ever to manage large volumes of data, facilitate efficient data distribution across systems, and save employees valuable time and effort.


  • Offers a variety of embedded HR templates, like workforce planning, compensation, data storage, pay-on-performance, diversity, cost analysis, and more.
  • Provides predefined, easy-to-understand Instructions for better data and project analysis.

Talent Management

With intelligent Talent Management functionality in Workday HCM, users can enhance the efficiency of their talent management system, implement system advancements, conduct product alignments, and manage staff rewards more efficiently. 

By leveraging talent onboarding and management features, companies can quickly acclimate new hires to the system, facilitate integrations between other Workday and non-Workday solutions, improve system administration, and reduce overall costs. 

Workday Talent Management also offers intuitive goal management and onboarding services to improve employee experiences, from hire to retire.


  • Leverages performance-based management to stay current with staff skillsets and system capabilities.
  • Supports the establishment of employee career and personality development programs based on performance.

Recruitment and Onboarding

With the help of Workday’s Recruitment and Onboarding application, companies can manage flexible hiring procedures and support better candidate experiences.

Businesses can outline specific hiring criteria and candidate restrictions within the Workday Recruiting module, giving them total control over their company’s entire recruiting process. 

Workday’s Recruitment and Onboarding application makes critical business data available from any working location, enabling on-demand communication between teams, fostering better collaboration, and improving system management across the board.


  • Provides intelligent analytics for headcount, pipeline, sourcing, and screening activities.
  • Manages the administration of job openings and application processes.
  • Offers customizable recruiting packages and management features to improve candidate and employee experiences.

Payroll Solutions

Workday Payroll is a flexible payroll management application that allows users to control their own data, pricing objectives, and payroll processing operations in a single, unified location. 

Using the built-in payroll management functions, Workday users can create comprehensive analytical audits for critical payroll data, configure audit alarms for further investigation, and optimize payroll processing across teams.


  • Simplifies payroll processing for international companies.
  • Offers a strong calculation engine for payroll processing.
  • Leverages self-service tools for better user engagement.
  • Conducts automatic data updates when tax changes occur.

Time Tracking

Workday Time Tracking offers a straightforward user experience and fully integrated payroll, project management, and task management features accessible via desktop and mobile devices. 


  • Enables users to enter their own time.
  • Allows users to clock in and out on their desktop and mobile devices.
  • Makes controlling and managing time approvals more efficient.
  • Enhances global time calculation functionality.

Benefits of Workday HCM

Here’s a look at some of the main benefits Workday HCM has to offer users:

  • Configure the system according to unique business needs
  • Leverage key metrics to adapt to business and industry changes quickly
  • Make quicker, more informed decisions
  • Gain a more comprehensive view of the workforce
  • Use self-service functionality to engage and empower employees and leaders
  • Gain a better understanding of people management tasks and contingent labor activities

Implement a Workday HCM System

In the initial planning phase, organizations assemble a project team, outline a project plan for the implementation, and ensure their Workday setup adheres to the defined structure and avoids errors.

In the design phase, users can create a prototype and conduct a fit-gap analysis to ensure the system meets the company’s unique project needs. Once the system has been designed and approved, users can configure the system for the accepted design, conduct unit testing, and create user training materials.

During the testing phase, project teams can conduct user acceptance tests and design other test scenarios to ensure users have the required Workday HCM Training materials and users are prepared for their new Workday systems.

In the final phase, the Workday HCM solution is deployed into the production environment, and users can handle any issues with additional post-production support resources.

How Can We Help

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Even better, our support doesn’t stop at your initial Go-Live date; we provide continuous support to ensure efficient user adoption and facilitate better workforce management in the long run.

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