Most employees want to be able to access important data and complete time-sensitive tasks without having to jump through administrative or human resources hoops to get there.

Read on to learn how UKG’s self service features can help (and even improve employee productivity and engagement in the process).

What is Employee Self Service?

Employee self service (ESS) is workforce management solution that gives employees the opportunity to handle human resources (HR) or other administrative tasks, like clocking in or out for shifts, requesting time-off, or monitoring payroll, on their own. UKG‘s self service technology is readily available through the UKG portal, and it allows users to control their own experience and access information whenever they need it.

UKG employee self service technology offers resources that allow employees to change or update personal information, keep track of UKG pay statements, direct deposit, and manage critical login information (i.e., username changes, password resets, security question updates, etc.)

The Core UKG Self Service Features

Whether you’re accessing important data and tasks through the UKG self service desktop version or you need the ability to view information and complete tasks at your fingertips, UKG’s self service functionality has you covered.

UKG offers customizable self serving features that allow employees to take ownership of their experience, manage their own data and tasks without administrative assistance, and get all of their questions answered in a timely manner.

Here are a few main areas of self service functionality throughout the entire UKG system:

  • UKG Pro Portal
  • UKG Pay Stub
  • My UKG Support
  • UKG Account Help
  • UKG Desktop Navigation

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help setting up your UKG system to allow for employee self serving functionality, helping employees and managers enter the correct credentials to access the system, or anything else related to UKG access, permissions, roles, or self serving capabilities, Surety Systems can help.

Our team of senior-level UKG consultants has the skills and experience needed to guide your team through self serving functions to help you make the most of your UKG investment.

And, even better, we’ve included a snapshot of one of our UKG consultants to give you a better idea of what to expect when partnering with us:

Surety Senior UKG Self Service Consultant

  • 17+ years of UKG/Kronos experience 
  • Expertise with WFC, WFD, WIM Integrations, and Dell Boomi Integrations
  • Assisted with training and enabling employee self-service performance tracking 
  • Experience with integrations into several modules including HR, Scheduling and Payroll systems
  • Worked within the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, gaming, hospitality and retail industries 

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