Organizations across every industry anticipate, adapt, and continuously seek new ways to streamline operations, enhance productivity, foster employee engagement, and champion great workplaces. 

One crucial aspect of achieving these goals is effectively managing workforce management datasets. This is where UKG FleX steps in, offering a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses and empower users to control their own experience.

Read on to learn more about UKG FleX and how our senior-level UKG consultants can fit into your organization.

What is UKG FleX?

The UKG FleX platform delivers expert guidance, adaptability, and consistent innovation for all users. UKG FleX is a powerful tool that allows organizations to “FleX”, meaning they’re empowered to work smarter, adapt quickly, and build lifelong partnerships across the enterprise landscape.

UKG FleX is a cloud-based workforce management solution designed to help organizations manage their workforce effectively, covering areas such as timekeeping, scheduling, payroll, and other critical HR functions. 

The UKG FleX solution provides tools for businesses to streamline their processes, improve employee engagement, and optimize labor costs. It also offers advanced flexibility and scalability to meet industry needs and organizational requirements over time.

UKG utilizes the FleX solution to improve its life-work technology approach:

  • FleX Fabric pairs with Career Designer, an application that allows managers to create comprehensive talent perspectives in UKG Pro. Users can also connect talent development strategies with life-work goals to offer personalized and prescriptive recommendations for relevant learning opportunities that promote development.
  • FleX Fabric uses predictors to proactively identify payroll issues to enhance overall payroll analytics and create actionable insights, reports, and individualized suggestions to resolve payroll issues more effectively.
  • With FleX Flow, UKG is reinventing meaningful rewards by allowing managers to distribute vouchers through Dimensions.
  • FleX Dev functionality elevates life-work journeys for UKG partners and customers.
  • UKG uses FleX Flow with Microsoft to create a smooth interface for UKG Dimensions and Shifts, the schedule management application within Microsoft Teams.

FleX Insights

FleX Insights drives the UKG FleX platform by combining extensive workplace culture data and strong human capital management (HCM) and workforce management (WFM) datasets in a centralized environment. This gives organizations a comprehensive view of their workforce and the information needed to champion better workplace performance. 

To optimize impact, business teams can source data in different formats:

  • Packaged data within the People Analytics solution
  • Data sets (overtime, demographics, shift swaps) for UKG AI and Machine Learning
  • Custom reports to analyze and present trends within a single business intelligence tool

FleX Flow

The FleX platform is open and expandable to cater to different business demands for integrating HCM and WFM into core workflows. FleX Flow offers an ongoing experience so employees and managers can benefit from UKG solutions without taking a break from their existing workflows or implementing unrelated user interfaces. 

In addition, the UKG Partner Network increases the return on client investments in UKG, promoting digital transformation, providing valuable user experiences, and reducing time spent managing multiple applications.

FleX Fabric

Modern artificial intelligence (AI) tools can improve the bandwidth of managers and staff across business units. With the help of FleX Fabric, UKG AI tools function as intelligent advisors, utilizing data on workplace culture, HCM, and WFM from FleX Insights to improve decision-making and drive performance.

FleX Insights and FleX Fabric offerings are constantly improved, enabling users to learn from critical data insights and offer better guidance for business users. 

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms also work in the background to consistently improve workflow efficiency and response times across the UKG landscape. 

FleX Dev

To foster a healthy HCM ecosystem with significant and impactful work experiences, FleX Dev takes a developer-friendly approach where companies, partners, and UKG experts work together to create people-centric applications. 

With UKG FleX Dev, users can access the extensive application programming interface (API) library, intelligent tools, and documentation whenever and wherever needed. UKG has also introduced a low-code approach that requires minimal programming expertise so partners, clients, and developers can build applications and integrations quickly.

Users can streamline the application creation and integration process by:

  • Accessing a comprehensive library of WFM and HCM APIs to dive into various areas of the comprehensive UKG Suite
  • Leveraging convenient resources in the Developer Hub to empower creative development
  • Using drag-and-drop tools to deploy cloud-native integrations quickly

FleX Foundation

FleX Foundation refers to the essential elements and processes that unify all critical data into a people-first suite, allowing organizations to design a people experience that blends personal and professional initiatives. 

Businesses invest in the intelligent UKG FleX Foundation to stay competitive in an ever-changing business environment, connect business objectives with emerging applications, drive workforce productivity, and empower better employee experiences. 

How We Can Help

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