Today, salespeople need dynamic sales management tools to help them develop stronger connections with their clients, take action based on intelligent insights, and close deals quickly.

Luckily for you, Microsoft Dynamics offers just the right tool for this!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help sales teams manage critical business accounts and contacts, nurture product sales from lead to order, and produce sales collateral. Business users can also follow service cases related to specific accounts or possibilities and create marketing lists and campaigns to ensure the right audiences are targeted over time.

Read on to learn more about the Dynamics 365 Sales solution and how our senior-level Microsoft Dynamics consultants can help your organization optimize core business processes.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform specializing in sales pipeline management and offering total insight into customer engagement and relationship analytics. It delivers dynamic flexibility that allows companies to transcend beyond traditional CRM functionality and further improve sales efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Sales can be used to assist sales teams in managing the complete sales cycle, from the initial capture to closing activities, completing an order, and managing returns as needed. Users can also integrate this platform with other Dynamics and third-party business applications to provide a seamless experience and streamlined data sharing across many departments and applications.

Features of Dynamics 365 Sales

The critical features of Dynamics 365 Sales deliver dependable sales predictions enabled by complete activity tracking, automated sales workflows, and process governance.

Dynamics 365 Sales enforces business restrictions, delivers custom automation, and provides guidance for best practices as users perform their daily sales tasks. 

With pre-built integration for Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 Sales helps users find and schedule meetings, facilitate communication between teams, and assign job tasks more effectively across the entire organization. It also contains large amounts of data, like sales connections and data hierarchies, to give users a 360-degree view of their organization. 

With integrated Dynamics 365 Sales operations, companies can leverage machine learning (ML) and automation tools to limit manual data entry, automate repetitive processes, and provide on-demand employee support.

The Dynamics 365 Sales solution enables business users to:

  • Record all activities related to the sales pipeline
  • Understand win/loss casualties
  • Utilize aggregated customer data to provide insights and build relationships
  • Prioritize all critical sales processes
  • Cultivate flexibility, efficiency, and uniformity within sales processes
  • Consolidate sharing and selling information in one location
  • Track and manage the quote-to-invoice process
  • Understand where leads come from and monitor success rates over time
  • Use live data to create forward-looking, interactive reports
  • Understand customer interactions with your sales teams
  • Share marketing and sales collateral in a transparent way

Understanding the Different D365 Sales Offerings

No matter the size of your organization, the complexity of your sales structure, or where your company needs lie, there’s a D365 Sales offering to fit every need.

Here’s a closer look at each Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales solution:

Sales Premium

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium is the perfect solution for businesses that require a robust sales automation platform and AI-driven insights. This solution is driven by conversation and relationship intelligence and offers advanced sales management features, making it the perfect fit for organizations with more complex sales needs.

Sales Enterprise

The Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise solution is ideal for businesses that need a sales automation tool that offers contextual insights and advanced customization abilities. With Sales Enterprise, companies can gain greater insight into their total sales process and adapt their solution to meet changing sales needs and requirements over time.

Relationship Sales

Dynamics 365 Relationship Sales is a solution designed for businesses that combine sales records with LinkedIn to enhance business processes. With in-built integrations between D365 and LinkedIn, companies can manage data about their organization, people, and relationships to facilitate better collaboration across teams and systems and generate more sales in the future.

Sales Professional

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is the ideal tool for companies that need a sales automation platform to help simplify sales activities and generate better sales leads across their entire organization.

Microsoft Sales Copilot

The Copilot offering is perfect for companies that require their sales teams to use Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to automatically extract, access, manage, and register data into any customer relationship management (CRM) system. This eliminates manual data entry and speeds up the entire sales lifecycle, providing more time and resources for better sales opportunities.

Use Cases for Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Sales is widely used for sales-led organizations and companies with a dynamic, unified workforce. By offering increased license levels as needed, Dynamics 365 Sales delivers more sophisticated functionality to tackle your most important sales requirements over time.

The main purpose of the Dynamics 365 Sales solution involves finding, developing, tracking, reporting, and predicting sales opportunities across the industry. And, because of regulated sales processes and flexible sales playbooks, your sales management team can maintain high data quality and better employee satisfaction. 

Dynamics 365 Sales also provides predictive notifications to reduce the time needed to advance a sales lead through the entire sales pipeline, ultimately leading to quicker turnaround times and more sales opportunities.

Limitations with Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is an extremely flexible solution; however, it’s not built to cover every single interaction between customers or prospects and a company on its own. For example:

  • It doesn’t offer specific tracking of customer service-related issues, like ticket queues and trackable tickets.
  • It also doesn’t offer communication tools governed by subscription management models to satisfy privacy laws and customer preferences.

Integrations With Other Applications

D365 Sales offers pre-built integrations with other Dynamics 365 applications to create a united solution and facilitate better connection across the entire Microsoft Dynamics landscape.

From the user perspective, these systems act as one unified whole, optimizing and centralizing the entire experience from start to finish. Even better, customization features allow each Dynamics 365 application to be configured to deliver the functionality and data that each user needs.

Advanced security features in D365 for Sales can also prevent other types of users from accessing sensitive data if business policy requires that only sales workers have access.

Integrating with Microsoft Outlook

Users can explore the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales on their desktop, web, or mobile devices with the Dynamics 365 app for Outlook. They can also view records and link emails to contacts, accounts, or opportunity records for more connected sales management tasks across the board. 

This integration also allows users to directly access the Dynamics 365 Sales app to view appointments, communications, and tasks, enabling them to view the same data regardless of the program they are using at the time.

Integrating with Microsoft Teams

Staff members can instantly view and collaborate on Dynamics 365 Sales records like contacts or accounts by integrating their D365 Sales platform with Microsoft Teams. And, for companies that utilize Microsoft Teams as their primary workforce communication method, users can make and receive calls, send emails, and share meeting invites more effectively.

Integrating with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Through a seamless interface provided by integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, users can build meaningful connections with current or potential clients, expanding their pool of opportunities and improving the probability of a successful sale.

Companies can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrations to:

  • Understand the structure of the target company through live organizational chart (Unified Interface) functionality.
  • View warm introductions that have surfaced through people’s networks or use icebreakers to find mutual matches.
  • Leverage pre-built links to switch from Navigator to D365 Sales.
  • Keep a record of all actions, including calls, messages, notes, and emails.
  • Automatically import sales contacts and account information.
  • View the latest headlines, news, or employment developments from your contact records.

Flexible Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales was created to arrange a productive sales process, boost your sales team’s efficiency, raise conversion rates, and boost sales volume.

However, each business has unique feature set requirements, so Dynamics 365 Sales offers several pricing tiers to protect businesses with smaller sales teams and less complex processes from paying too much.

How We Can Help

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