In today’s increasingly competitive job market, attracting and securing top talent is more critical than ever for organizational success.

Infor Talent Acquisition offers a robust, cloud-based solution to streamline the hiring process and enhance productivity. By integrating advanced sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding tools, Infor’s Talent Acquisition platform empowers HR teams to match the right candidates to the right positions.

This article explores the key features and benefits of the Talent Acquisition solution, exploring how it helps organizations build a robust and dynamic workforce by optimizing every step of the talent acquisition journey.

Understanding Infor’s Talent Acquisition Suite

Talent Acquisition, an integral part of the Infor HR Talent suite of applications, offers intelligent tools that empower HR teams to manage both the internal and external recruitment process. This ensures candidates are placed in roles that best align with their knowledge and skills.

This functionality helps organizations complete the following career development processes:

  • Defining, managing, and approving requisitions
  • Matching candidates to specific positions
  • Posting vacant positions to job boards
  • Screening and interviewing potential candidates
  • Extending offers to candidates for a specific role
  • Executing hiring, preboarding, and onboarding processes

Navigating Critical Talent Acquisition Roles

Here’s a closer look at each role associated with talent acquisition in Infor and their related tasks:


  • Register and create a user profile
  • Apply for open positions
  • Respond to queries
  • Submit information for interviews and screening


  • Create and post job requisitions to internal and external job boards
  • Share potential candidates with hiring managers for review
  • Match candidates with best-fit positions
  • Coordinate candidate screening and interviews
  • Conduct assessments, reference checks, and background screening
  • Send offers and rejection letters to candidates
  • Move hired, rehired, and transferred candidates to the onboarding process


  • Update profile information and apply for open positions
  • Discover new offers and respond to queries
  • Submit screening information and participate in interviews

Recruiter Administrator

  • Perform all tasks included in the Recruiter role
  • Create Talent Acquisition setup data (i.e., data used for job applications, recruitment, and onboarding)

Hiring Manager

  • Create and approve job requisitions
  • Evaluate candidates submitted by recruiters
  • Interview candidates for each new job opportunity
  • Approve offers for new employees
  • Complete other tasks related to onboarding checklists

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