Organizations increasingly acknowledge the importance of effective talent management strategies in the evolving world of modern human resources. 

Infor Talent Management, an integral part of Infor’s comprehensive suite of business applications, is a robust solution created to address critical HR challenges and improve employee experiences.

Read on to learn more about Infor’s Talent Management solution and how our senior-level Infor consulting services can help you maximize your investment.

What is Infor Talent Management?

Infor Talent Management is a complete, end-to-end talent management suite designed to alter how people work and improve organizations’ overall business strategy. With talent science-driven insights and intuitive workforce management tools, employees can reach new heights of learning, development, productivity, innovation, collaboration, and more.

Key Features of Infor Talent Management

Performance Management

Infor’s Performance Management module was created to align business goals with individual objectives by supporting performance reviews, constant feedback, and goal setting. By leveraging real-time analytics, managers can recognize areas for development and maintain a culture of consistent improvement, ensuring employees stay motivated and engaged over time.

Onboarding and Talent Acquisition

Infor Talent Management simplifies the recruitment process with an integrated platform that tracks critical onboarding tasks, from creating job listings to tracking candidate requirements and onboarding new hires. With its intuitive interface and advanced analytics, HR professionals can efficiently attract, analyze, and engage top candidates. Automated workflows minimize administrative tasks and streamline efficiency, helping organizations free HR teams to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Succession Planning

Effective succession planning is critical to maintaining organizational success. Infor Talent Management provides the resources to identify and create future leaders and ensure critical positions are filled, no matter what. Through intuitive development plans and comprehensive talent assessments, organizations can maintain a pipeline of certified candidates ready to step into critical roles as needed.

Learning and Development

Infor’s Learning Management System (LMS) encourages continuous employee development through custom learning paths and personalized development tools. The platform accommodates different learning formats, such as e-learning, instructor-led training, and blended learning solutions, to ensure employees gain the skills and knowledge needed for individual career advancement and organizational growth.

Workforce Analytics

Infor Talent Management offers dynamic analytics and reporting tools that provide actionable insights into core talent acquisition, development, and retention initiatives and facilitate data-driven decisions. These insights help organizations forecast future workforce needs and trends and optimize HR strategies to align with organizational objectives.

Compensation Management

Effective compensation management is key to maintaining top talent, and Infor’s Compensation Management module enables companies to create and manage competitive compensation plans. With pre-built integrations to Performance Management, the Compensation Management module ensures rewards are appropriately aligned with employee contributions and market standards, boosting retention and motivation.

Elements of Infor Talent Management

Talent Science

Curate diverse teams and customize employee career path tactics by collecting and analyzing large amounts of performance and behavioral data in a single, unified system.

  • Gain more from talent assessments
  • Encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Utilize patented and proven technology to gauge the best-fit role for each employee
  • Boost team productivity and alignment

Learning Management System

Provide learning that allows users to achieve success on their own.

  • Provide abundant training for employees
  • Streamline content creation and distribution
  • Ensure efficient institutional knowledge transfer

Talent Optimization

Improve outcomes and employee engagement with better communication and transparency.

  • Recognize, involve, and onboard the correct candidates quickly and cost-effectively
  • Calculate and maintain compensation for future, current, and potential talent across the global workforce
  • Utilize a pipeline of highly qualified people to ensure proper succession as needed
  • Find, hire, train, reward, and retain the appropriate talent to support critical business strategies and performance initiatives
  • Work with employees to establish targets and action plans that align individual goals with strategic objectives

Benefits of Infor Talent Management

Encourage people by using strategic talent execution resources

Align your employees and their skills with your company’s strategy and core initiatives.

Place talent in appropriate roles

Utilize extensive behavioral and performance data to create diverse teams and tailor career pathing strategies.

Boost employee engagement

Deliver learning opportunities that empower individuals to achieve success and control their own experiences.

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