Acquiring another company (or two) is a difficult feat in itself, but, pair that with implementing and integrating a brand new Workday system across all business units, and you’ve got your hands full.

But, fortunately for you, Surety Systems has the right tools, resources, and personnel to conquer any Workday project (yes, even the ones that involve seemingly impossible acquisition and integration tasks.)

Read on to learn how this top-notch Workday consultant helped one of our manufacturing clients navigate Workday Acquisition processes and maximize their Workday investment across all areas of the organization.

Our Expert Workday Consultant

With strong technical and functional IT knowledge, extensive expertise in core Human Resources Management (HRM) operations, and a decade of experience with Workday’s business operations, applications, and integrations, this consultant is the perfect fit for any of your Workday needs.

Pair his comprehensive Workday experience with his core leadership skills, and you’ve got a project team leader who can not only handle the technical requirements of a new Workday implementation project, but can also efficiently manage members of your internal teams to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Workday investment.

Our consultant has extensive experience in all things Workday, including…

  • Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Workday Benefits and Advanced Compensation Management
  • Workday Reporting and Analytics/EIBs
  • Workday Studio Integrations and BIRT Reporting
  • Workday Data Auditing and Quality Control
  • Workday HRIS Implementation

An out-of-the-box thinker and troubleshooter who handles problems at the root level and provides an innovative and intuitive approach to Workday consulting that promotes collaboration between team members and facilitates growth across business units.

Migrating data to a new Workday system, merging existing Workday tenants into a single solution, testing new functionality within your Workday environment… You name it, our consultant can handle it (and lead your team to success with flying colors)!

The Client in Need

An industry-leading provider of medical device outsourcing (MDO) services and comprehensive end-to-end manufacturing solutions was in an “all hands on deck” situation and needed additional support to navigate Workday acquisition challenges quickly and efficiently across all business units.

As a leader in the healthcare industry, this client needed help evolving and adapting to a more complex workforce composition after adding not one, but two new companies and other external workforce personnel to their team.

From outlining core Workday services and solutions to be used across each area of your organization to managing evolving workforce dynamics through Workday applications, and transforming business planning functions to keep up with organizational growth, our client needed support, and they needed it fast.

Main Areas of Improvement for Our Client

1) Data Quality

“You have a system that just constantly spits out data, but no one that really checks it.”

It’s no secret that “bad” data exists in every system and organization, but finding a way to clean the data before moving it to a new system can be a make or break step in the process for the success of your project and your team as a whole. And, while this is something that seems like a no-brainer, many companies like this one still continue to struggle with outdated or unreliable data crowding their system and affecting their productivity.

Our client needed to make sure their existing data was scrubbed and cleaned before moving it to a new Workday system and integrating it with other data sources, but without a dedicated team member checking the data coming in and out of the system, data quality issues couldn’t be solved.

2) Data Discrepancies

When it comes to migrating data from separate systems into a single, integrated solution, data discrepancies are ever-present, but, finding a way to combat differences between each data source is a major key to success for any team.

Our client struggled to find middle ground between their own internal team and members of the acquired teams, making it more difficult to achieve data consistency across the board.

From navigating mismatched pay rules to determining employee pay statuses (i.e., salaried or hourly), they needed to find a way to improve communication and collaboration between teams to ensure all data was accurate, compliant, and in the correct format.

3) Data Visibility

“You know what your day looks like in the old system, but if you were asked to sift through the same data in your new system, you probably couldn’t do it without a little extra help.”

Our client needed a Workday expert to not only guide them through complex data migration processes between their outdated legacy system and their new Workday system, but they also needed a little extra TLC to understand what the data looked like in the new system and how to use it.

Cue our experienced Workday Acquisition consultant…

How Did Our Workday Consultant Make a Difference?

Navigating Change Management

“A decent chunk of my work was done to help each team navigate change management plans and offer additional support every step of the way.”

While this client didn’t have too many issues with users understanding how Workday itself operates or how to navigate each module or application in Workday (i.e., Workday Financial Management, Workday Adaptive Planning, Workday Benefits, etc.), optimizing change management plans across business units can get complicated with so many moving parts.

Our consultant offered his expert guidance to help each team outline change management plans that not only assigned roles and responsibilities to full-time employees, contingent workers, and other support staff, but also identified steps of the process that typically require more of an “all hands on deck” approach.

This way, the client’s internal teams involved could execute the plan without skipping a beat, even after the consultant’s time was up.

Preparing Data for Workday

An important step in ensuring your Workday acquisitions go according to plan is preparing your data for a new Workday system to ensure it is accurately and efficiently managed and exchanged between systems and solutions.

Our expert Workday consultant found his own way to help with this…

He developed a software in Microsoft Excel that allowed him to map data tables in spreadsheets and transfer such data directly to Workday using pre-built functionality of Workday Enterprise Interface Builders (EIBs).

By leveraging functional Workday EIBs, our consultant was able to help the client not only transfer their data more efficiently between systems, but also react quickly to changes through improved data regeneration processes.

Facilitating Communication Between Teams

When it comes to navigating acquisitions between multiple different companies, efficient communication between team members can be a bit of a struggle, oftentimes leading to disagreements among company leadership roles and miscommunications across the chain of command.

As far as this client was concerned, the acquisition process was operating under a “my way or the highway” kind of approach, meaning that collaboration and communication between internal and external teams struggled through quite a few phases of the acquisition project. But, luckily for them, our expert Workday consultant was there to provide additional support and a level head when it came to making decisions that would affect all parties involved and offering a bigger-picture view of their Workday system.

From supporting each team through data uploads and migrations to resolving issues quickly, navigating new functionalities across the Workday system, and offering expert guidance wherever and whenever it was needed, our consultant provided the backbone this client needed to succeed every step of the way.

Best Practices for Successful Acquisitions in Workday

  • Conduct an assessment of current business processes to determine what is/is not operating effectively and efficiently
  • Determine the source of “failing” operations in your Workday space
  • Generate reports and share insights with HRIS managers to make recommendations for areas of improvement
  • Ensure permanent employees understand issues and inefficiencies within their current Workday operations
  • Understand data discrepancies and customizations to ensure cohesive Workday management across your organization

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