In the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement and marketing automation, SAP Emarsys has revolutionized how organizations connect with their most valuable customers and drive better business outcomes in the future.

SAP Emarsys offers a comprehensive customer engagement platform that empowers businesses to deliver highly personalized and effective marketing campaigns while leveraging data-driven insights to drive customer loyalty and growth.

In this article, we take a closer look at the world of SAP Emarsys, exploring its key features and capabilities, how it helps companies understand and engage their customers better, and where our team of SAP consultants can help.

What is SAP Emarsys?

SAP Emarsys combines the power of the SAP system with Emarsys technology to provide a comprehensive customer engagement platform that helps organizations leverage personalization and marketing automation functionality to improve customer engagement and loyalty over time.

Integrations between SAP and Emarsys make it easier to meet customers where they’re at — understanding their most critical needs, deploying personalized cross-channel campaigns, and delivering measurable business results through accelerated time-to-value.

Key Features of the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform

As a customer engagement platform that offers a wide range of features, SAP Emarsys is designed to help businesses create personalized marketing campaigns and deliver exceptional customer experiences, no matter where their customers are.

Here are the main features of the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform:

1) Streamlined Integration

Prebuilt integrations

Comprehensive, prebuilt integrations between platforms allow users to bring together their existing customer data and commerce solutions in one location, facilitating more efficient data access without requiring additional support from internal development teams.

Efficient data model

Simplified integrations and streamlined channel execution through an efficient data model and natively built channels make it easier for users to manage data, create cross-channel marketing campaigns, and reach a broader audience through online and offline channels.

AI-driven business strategies

With more than 60 AI-powered business strategies and use cases to choose from, SAP Emarsys helps companies customize and deploy revenue-driving campaigns and increase customer lifetime value across the board.

2) Personalized Support

Innovative reporting

Advanced reporting capabilities in SAP Emarsys allow customers to create reports tailored to their specific business needs and leverage such reports to analyze how marketing tactics impact key performance metrics like customer retention, customer loyalty, revenue growth, and more.

Agility and flexibility

Flexible and agile capabilities in SAP Emarsys make it possible to engage customers on a one-channel basis at first and transition to omnichannel marketing operations over time.

Omnichannel customer engagement

SAP Emarsys allows customers to send more than one billion messages per day, making it easier than ever to trigger real-time omnichannel customer engagement and track customer interactions across the entire organization.

3) AI-powered Insights

Intuitive personalization engine

With intuitive tools and a pre-built personalization engine, SAP Emarsys provides better insights into customer behaviors and requirements, allowing them to integrate tailored content into every customer interaction.

Engagement opportunities

Connections to natively integrated channels, such as Web, email, SMS, mobile apps, and more, and third-party applications, like WhatsApp, direct receipts, and more, through APIs allow SAP Emarsys customers to improve both the quantity and quality of their engagement opportunities.

Data-driven insights

SAP Emarsys provides intuitive campaign execution tools and data-driven insights that enable customers to identify accurate customer segments like churn risks, purchasers, or loyal customers.

Simplified data models

Natively built customer engagement channels and centralized data models make it easier for SAP Emarsys customers to create more complex, cross-channel campaigns, integrate critical data sources, and achieve targeted business outcomes.

Connections with Other SAP Solutions

SAP Emarsys is the customer engagement platform for the SAP Customer Experience (CX) suite, providing real-time personalization, marketing automation,

SAP Commerce Cloud

The SAP Commerce Cloud allows users to automatically synchronize products, events, and customers in one location, making it easier for marketers to generate automated marketing tactics, target customer segments, and personalize customer outreach for better experiences.

By leveraging plug-and-play integrations between SAP Emarsys and the SAP Commerce Cloud, marketing teams can quickly deploy critical marketing campaigns, including cart updates, ordering, product reviews, and more.

Connections between the Emarsys Customer Engagement platform and E-commerce platforms also make it easier for companies to empower marketers to create campaigns that target the right audience and facilitate more engaging omnichannel customer experiences across the board.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

The SAP Customer Data Cloud offers pre-built connections between front and back-end systems to create a single source of truth for all data between systems and facilitate stronger data protection at every touchpoint.

With integrations between SAP Emarsys and the SAP Customer Data Cloud, users can unify all their critical business data in one place, maintain strong data security and protection, and build trust among key stakeholders.

This integration also enables organizations to create personalized experiences for all users, empowering them to take control of their own data and building the foundation for long-term relationships between customers and their brands.

How Can We Help?

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