Traceability and authenticity are paramount, especially in pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and electronic manufacturing industries.

SAP Corporate Serialization emerges as a critical solution, offering intelligent solutions to manage business transactions and improve logistics processes. This innovative system is designed to manage and track serialized products throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to end-user delivery.

This article delves into the functionalities and advantages of SAP Corporate Serialization, exploring how it enhances product integrity, combats issues with fraud, and ensures compliance with global regulatory standards.

What is SAP Corporate Serialization?

SAP Corporate Serialization (CorS) is an application designed to help companies improve visibility for the status, location, and history of serialized products and track key manufacturing, procurement, distribution, and maintenance insights across the entire product lifecycle.

This application enables customers to collect transactional and object event data from distributed systems and consolidate it into a single corporate-level repository, where they can gain insights into business transactions related to lifecycle events and support better decision-making and compliance.

Here are a few key features of the SAP Corporate Serialization solution:

  • On-premise or cloud deployment options
  • Capacity to capture and manage high data volumes
  • Corporate-level system for comprehensive data management
  • Serial number management and unique identifier generation and distribution
  • Enhanced process visibility across connected SAP solutions

Connections to the SAP SCM Environment

SAP Corporate Serialization offers pre-built connections to the SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) landscape through its ability to enhance product visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain.

By assigning unique serial numbers to individual products or batches, SAP Corporate Serialization enables detailed product tracking from manufacturing to procurement and distribution to the end user. This integration ensures the supply chain is monitored and optimized throughout every step, enabling real-time data sharing and analytics within the SAP SCM platform.

The SAP CorS solution also enhances the ability to quickly identify and address issues such as recalls or counterfeit products, safeguarding brand integrity, maintaining customer trust, and producing reliable consumer products.

Key Features of the Corporate Serialization Application

Centralized serial number management

With central-level serial number management functionality, SAP CorS empowers users to create, distribute, manage, and account for unique serial numbers and product identifiers. This enhances management for serial numbers related to packaging lines, business partners, manufacturing, and other critical systems.

Enhanced visibility into serialized products through the SAP Corporate Serialization application also enables anti-counterfeit initiatives, protecting critical transaction and event data and preventing issues related to fraudulent behavior.

Seamless integration

By providing pre-built integrations with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Warehouse Management, and other third-party systems, companies can gain a holistic view of their entire product lifecycle and take advantage of seamless connections through defined interfaces.

Corporate object event repository

SAP Corporate Serialization enables users to track products, assets, related lots, lifecycle events, and other transactions related to item-serialized components, improving transparency and reliability across the end-to-end product lifecycle.

The CorS application also allows users to monitor changes to critical technical structures and improve the accuracy of logistics aggregations over time.

Benefits for SAP Customers

  • Achieve product lifecycle intelligence by closing the product lifecycle knowledge gap
  • Store and maintain all relevant event and transactional information in a single repository
  • Monitor the integrity of product distribution, account for serialized products, and track uniquely identified objects across the supply chain
  • Improve visibility for critical supply chain operations across packaging lines
  • Access both serialized products and logistics aggregations to address issues with recall and warranty validation for specific products
  • Ensure all item serialized components and products are properly accounted for across the end-to-end product lifecycle

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