As the country starts its process of reopening during the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations are also opening their doors. Of course, doing so has put business leaders in a situation they’ve never navigated before—balancing public safety with bringing day-to-day operations back up to speed as the pandemic continues. 

In an effort to help companies navigate this uncharted path, Salesforce has unveiled a new version of Read on to learn what is, what features it includes, and how it can help your organization operate in the “New Normal.” 

What is is a set of applications, resources, and content from Salesforce designed to help businesses and community leaders reopen safely, reskill employees, and respond quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic. These new solutions include employee wellness assessment, shift management, contact tracing, and emergency response management, as well as grants and volunteer management. The resource center offers real-world advice and recovery stories from health, business, and government leaders in addition to the Salesforce partner ecosystem. is currently available in Salesforce Classic, as well as Enterprise, Professional, Performance, Developer, and Unlimited Editions. Most of the apps require add-on fees per user per month. Solutions 

All of these applications unite in the Command Center, a single hub that brings together all data streams so that businesses and communities can make smart decisions. Not only can the Command Center surface internal data like employee wellness surveys, but it also pulls public data through the Tableau COVID-19 data hub. Six applications fall under the Command Center. Here’s a summary of each one: 

Contract Tracing 

Contract tracing has become an important step in slowing the spread of COVID-19 as it allows government and health leaders to identify people who are symptomatic and figure out who they have been in contact with. This app collects that data and creates visual maps of contacts and locations to provide better monitoring of potential interactions and outbreaks. 

Emergency Response Management (ERM)

ERM allows health, public, and private sector agencies to quickly manage emergencies, deliver care, and allocate resources and services. ERM will include the following features:

  • Service Cloud—Customizable CRM for comprehensive service
  • Emergency Program Management—Prioritize and mobilize emergency resources
  • Salesforce Maps—Visualize your Salesforce data on interactive maps
  • Lightning Scheduler—Streamline scheduling of emergency services

Shift Management

Long gone are the days of the open floor plan in the workplace. As employees return to the office, shift management capabilities will help reduce office density. The Shift Management app will help organizations avoid large groups in the office, lobby, or elevators through break scheduling and spatial distancing. 

Employee Wellness

When returning to the office, it will be vital for organizations to monitor both the physical and mental health of their employees. This app will allow companies to create employee health surveys, monitor wellness trends, and use data to make workplace decisions. What’s more, this can all be done through the mobile app (making social distancing even easier).

myTrailhead for Employees

As new regulations roll out for employees to follow within the workplace, myTrailhead for Employees will be a great resource to help employees reskill for these new rules, as well as keeping track of when their training has been completed. 

Volunteer and Grants Management

The Volunteer and Grants Management app will—as one might expect—help streamline volunteer coordination such as digital sign-ups, scheduling, and reminders. It will also track the grant-making process from the initial application to the final award so that nothing gets lost in the cracks.

Getting Back to Work

There’s no way to know how long the current pandemic will impact the way organizations operate around the globe. But one thing is certain—we’ve entered a new normal that’s sure to remain for a while. 

If you’re considering any of the apps for your organization, Surety Solutions can be your partner. Our senior-level Salesforce consulting team can help you determine what solutions are right for your organization as well as the best way to utilize them. Contact us today to learn more.