When it comes to CRM solutions, Salesforce is the market leader. It’s great at managing contacts and customer details; it supports a wide variety of helpful apps; and it’s easily customized to better support your employees and clients thanks to the flexibility of the Lightning Platform. But let’s say you’re interested in learning about how Salesforce can give your customer service department a little oomph in particular. Here’s a closer look at a Salesforce solution that does just that: Salesforce Service Cloud.

Service Cloud Feature Breakdown

By default, Service Cloud covers a number of classic customer service bases, including case management, cross-channel customer access, queue management, support ticketing, and more. For those looking to add a little nitrous to their customer service engines, there are several additional features available at higher price points, such as the Einstein artificial intelligence (AI), automated process creation, and real-time information access.

In terms of specific customer service tools, Service Cloud consists of:

  • Agent Workspace
  • Asset and Order Management
  • Automation with Macros
  • Case Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Omni-Channel Routing
  • Service Analytics
  • Service Process Automation
  • Telephony Integration

How Does Service Cloud Help?

Overall, Service Cloud improves the ability of your agents to deliver higher-caliber customer service in four main ways: automation, AI-powered recommendations, agent-focused design, and effective organization of information.


The ability to create macros allows agents to automate repetitive tasks (like updating case status or selecting an email template), which not only saves them time and makes them more efficient, but also lets them preserve their brain power for more complex customer service interactions.

Through automation, the system automatically takes into account which agents are available and have the best skill set for a given task when routing cases, which makes everyone’s lives easier, customer and agent alike.

AI-Powered Recommendations

With every customer interaction and case closed, the AI that lives in Service Cloud is constantly tweaking its model of your customer service operation, allowing it to deliver next-step recommendations to your agents that are based on useful data.

Agent-Focused Design

Features like a drag-and-drop UI (not to mention pre-built and custom components) make it easy to personalize an agent’s workspace, making them as effective as possible. Does Service Agent A prefer a different setup to Agent B? Not a problem with Service Cloud!

Another way Service Cloud is designed with a focus on agent effectiveness in mind is through its integration of tools like Quip, which allow for case-swarming and cross-functional collaboration. (As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”)

Effective Information Organization

When agents have a complete view of their customers (including inter-departmental data and back-end systems), they’re able to solve issues quickly and more thoroughly, which is a win-win for everybody.

Making cases even easier to solve, Service Cloud also gives self-motivated customers access to self-service portals where they can learn more about their issues, (and potentially figure things out for themselves).

There are so many ways to use Salesforce Service Cloud to improve your customer service operation that it can be a bit hard to decide where to start. That’s where Surety Systems comes in. Our expansive network of senior-level Salesforce consultants can work with you to understand how your customer service org operates right now, talk with you about how you’d like it to improve, and then help you create a game plan to get it there.

Whether your company just activated Service Cloud or you’re an old hand at it, our consultants will meet you on your level and give you whatever support you need to succeed. To find out how they can help kickstart your customer service experience, contact us today.