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Change Can Cause Choppy Waters. Our Salesforce Functional Consultants Will Get You to Smooth Sailing.

An Accenture report from senior executives in 14 industries looked at the reasons why major change initiatives were substantially delayed and/or negated, and in 44% of those cases, lack of skill or experience with change management was to blame. When you’re making major changes to the way your organization operates in Salesforce, it pays to do things right the first time, or you’ll end up wasting considerable time and resources, (some of which you may need to spend a second time when you decide to make changes again in the future).

There are two key things to remember when making major (and even minor) operational changes. First, performance will dip a little when it comes to the affected user, department, or organization. Second, this is completely normal. Change isn’t easy, and people get used to the way things work, even if they don’t work very well. But a proper change management process—not to mention a helpful functional consultant—can smooth out those bumps in the road and get your org where it needs to be.

A good functional consultant will help reduce the drop in your team’s performance and minimize the amount of time it takes to get your Salesforce-empowered org performing better than ever before. More than merely a source of technical expertise, however, our Salesforce functional consultants also transfer their experience and knowledge to your team, ensuring you’ll be able to reap the benefits long after they’re gone. We have an extensive network of highly trained Salesforce functional consultants ready to help with your project, so if you’re ready to make a change, we’re ready to help.


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