Oracle HCM Communicate revolutionizes organizational communication and engagement by providing a comprehensive communications platform that connects HR professionals to their employees and facilitates more effective collaboration across business units.

In this article, we dive into the transformative capabilities of Oracle HCM Communicate, exploring how it empowers organizations to enhance engagement and boost productivity through effective communication strategies and how our team of Oracle consultants can help.

What is Oracle HCM Communicate?

Oracle HCM Communicate is an integral part of the Oracle ME Employee Experience platform, offering advanced employee outreach solutions that enable organizations to create, track, and analyze targeted messages based on employee data in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM.

With core employee engagement metrics, campaign design tools, and personalized messaging functions, Oracle HCM Communicate allows users to transcend traditional employee engagement strategies, creating communications aligned to business needs and driving better employee experiences.

Key Features of the Oracle HCM Communicate Platform

Efficient campaign creation

With Oracle’s intelligent HCM Communicate platform, organizations can build and plan communication campaigns and ensure critical messages are sent to the right people at the right time, such as encouraging participation in new workforce initiatives and sending organizational announcements to keep employees up-to-date with change.

Impact analysis

By tracking and analyzing which employees view, respond to, and act on specific communication campaigns, organizations can accurately understand the impact of their relevant messages and deliver targeted follow-up messages to drive higher response rates.

Dynamic communication strategies

Oracle HCM Communicate enables users to build media-rich workplace communication scenarios that deliver valuable insight into what matters most for employees, boost productivity, and drive behaviors that align with organizational objectives.

Users can also embed links to Oracle Journeys, recommended actions, and other external resources to better support and motivate communication teams in driving workforce engagement.

Targeted messages

With the HCM Communicate platform, organizations can define their target audiences to send critical messages to specific groups based on workforce data managed in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud, including employee location, tenure, role, and more.

This eliminates the need for third-party communication tools and service providers that only add more complexity, stress, and risk for campaign administrators and other critical HR staff.

Higher response rates

By enabling communication teams to reach remote workers through targeted email and SMS messages, Oracle’s HCM Communicate platform delivers communications that reach the right people at the right time, driving higher open and response rates across teams.

Better employee experiences

As part of the Oracle Cloud HCM platform, HCM Communicate allows organizations to leverage personalized communications, experiences, workflow guidance, and other support resources to facilitate career development and help employees grow and thrive.

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