Oracle Journeys, part of the comprehensive Oracle Cloud HCM suite, signifies a paradigm shift in guiding and enhancing the employee experience, offering intelligent tools that enable users to develop tailored journeys, promote career development, and drive growth across the entire workforce.

As organizations recognize the importance of nurturing a positive and engaging work environment, Oracle Journeys emerges as a strategic tool designed to create seamless, impactful, and personalized employee experiences throughout their professional journey. This innovative platform transcends traditional HR solutions, focusing on holistic employee well-being, development, and satisfaction.

This article will discuss the key components and capabilities of Oracle Journeys, how it redefines the way organizations approach talent management and employee engagement, and where our team of Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

Understanding Oracle HCM Journeys

Oracle Journeys delivers personalized guidance to support core processes and objectives across Oracle HCM Cloud applications and offers step-by-step guidance for personal and professional workflows, including onboarding, transferring job roles, or exploring new career opportunities.

Here are a few critical components of the Oracle Journeys solution:

Journeys Launchpad

The Journeys Launchpad enables Oracle HCM customers to view and access all their contextual journeys from one screen and discover new ones through the search bar at the top of the page. Users can also create personalized journeys and assess their progress, and HR teams and managers can share or assign journeys to other employees as needed.

The Launchpad provides a one-stop-shop for all employee journeys, enabling triggers for user journeys by specific events and automatic notifications in the employee portal whenever a new journey is recommended or assigned.

Journeys Creator

The Journeys Creator allows managers, HR teams, and other employees to design or clone contextual and guided journeys, add or modify steps, establish dependencies, and publish them without requiring IT. Users can leverage the Creator tool to build journeys that transcend checklists and tasks assigned, including links, videos, surveys, verifications, and connections to third-party systems through pre-built APIs.

The Oracle Journey Creator utilizes critical human resources data to trigger or personalize journeys based on user roles, positions, locations, strategic initiatives, and other employee information.

Journeys Booster

The Journeys Booster enables users to deploy and integrate applications that extend the capabilities of the traditional Oracle Fusion Cloud platform and deliver a more personal Journeys experience.

With integrated process automation functionality and a comprehensive process management platform, users can support critical multi-backend experiences and deliver a more cohesive experience within Oracle Cloud Customer Experience.

Navigating Core Features of the Journeys Platform

Here’s a closer look at the main features of Oracle Journeys for users across the enterprise landscape:

Personalized journeys and workflows

Accessibility: Access journeys and workflows directly from a transaction or through collaboration tools like Oracle Digital Assistant and RPA.

Personalized experience: Gain a comprehensive understanding of each employee and recommend, automate, or assign journeys based on various tasks or needs.

Embedded support: Enable employees to make better decisions by delivering contextual analytics, training sessions, and instructional videos for critical HR processes.

Workforce guidance: Provide contextual journeys and guided journeys for all employees, including full-time employees, gig workers, interns, contractual employees, and more.

Tailored support to extend journeys

Extensibility: Establish connections with third-party applications and systems to automate and extend user journeys and protect valuable employee data.

Connection: Access personalized and automated support resources and connect specific journeys to the Oracle HR Help Desk to invoke follow-up actions from HR professionals.

Guidance: Begin a journey from anywhere and any device and access personalized support through the Oracle Digital Assistant tool.

Creation and collaboration tools

Tailored journeys: Build and tailor journeys and journey templates to support evolving business needs, such as workforce optimization tactics, location-specific protocols, and more.

Insights: Gain valuable workforce insights and create user journeys to improve the onboarding process, support career development, and drive better business outcomes.

Cross-application support: Connect journeys across existing Oracle applications to guide employees and address ever-changing enterprise needs.

Key Benefits of Oracle HCM Journeys

  • Establish complete journeys for personal and professional growth and configure tasks to support success throughout an employee’s journey
  • Connect with third-party applications to ensure a consistent employee experience, extend Journeys beyond the Oracle system, and improve data security
  • Create a single source of truth for all employee data and unify the employee experience based on an individual’s unique circumstances
  • Consolidate contextual analytics, user instructions, and training documents throughout the guided digital journey and enable employees to make more informed decisions
  • Leverage contextual guidance on position management, contract management, project management, and performance management to support employee success over time

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Our senior-level Oracle consulting team has the skills, experience, and proven track record to handle your most critical project needs and maximize the potential of your Oracle applications over time.

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