For companies looking to create exceptional workplace environments, Workday provides intelligent tools that reimagine how organizations engage with their most valuable assets – their people

Workday Today is just one of Workday’s people experience resources built to improve employee engagement and enhance the employee journey. This dynamic platform allows users to complete tasks efficiently, gain relevant insights into employee behavior, and ensure a smooth workplace experience for employees across business units.

Read on to learn more about Workday Today and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help your organization build and maintain an optimal workforce environment.

Understanding Workday People Experiences (PEX)

Workday provides users with an add-on tool called Workday People Experience (PEX) to improve engagement and enhance the overall employee experience. 

With personalized in-app dashboards, guided user help, intuitive user interfaces (UI), and additional self-service capabilities in Workday PEX, organizations can enhance collaboration, streamline HR procedures, and enable workers to achieve more in less time.

Workday PEX leverages machine learning (ML) capabilities to deliver a customized experience for every user, including personalized content, on-demand answers to HR and payroll questions, and career development guidance. Workday PEX users can save valuable time and reduce administrative fees by leveraging solutions that accurately predict demand and ensure business needs are satisfied over time.

Workday Today

Workday Today is a custom homepage within the Workday HCM suite that delivers up-to-date views of company announcements, relevant tasks, recommendations, product updates, and more to enable users to work more productively. The Today platform uses suggested tasks and cards to present this information in an efficient and organized manner.


Tasks utilize intelligent machine learning functionality to train itself on the regular tasks completed by each user within their Workday system. Once insights are acquired for common Workday user tasks, the Tasks platform proposes new tasks and procedures based on prior actions completed inside the HCM system.


Cards for remaining PTO, upcoming time off, performance review reminders, feedback, and employee birthdays can guide users to specific areas in Workday and enable dynamic workforce management.

Workday Journeys

Workday Journeys, formerly Workday Moments, provides the tools needed to build unique journeys and track journey engagement, all from the new Workday Today homepage.

A journey provides:

  • Paths suggested for the smooth presentation of both Workday and non-Workday content. Employees gain a rich experience that increases engagement and productivity during crucial milestones, rather than being forced to complete a sequence of transactions in disparate systems.
  • A comprehensive and individualized manual to guide employees through all critical moments, such as:
    • Family leave
    • Performance management
    • Onboarding
    • Career development
    • Processing payroll

The three elements that make up Journeys are Paths, Connections, and Insights.

Journey Paths are created using cards that lead the user through an individual experience. Users can leverage Journey Paths to enhance onboarding processes, create new management pathways, facilitate job rotation, manage learning paths, and conduct intelligent crisis response.

Journey Insights and Journey Connections are unique cards not included in the standard Workday Today package. With these, users can include activities or information from external sources in any user journey and establish interactions between Workday and non-Workday data.

Workday Assistant

Workday Assistant is a chatbot that works as a digital assistant and aids users in completing tasks and accessing critical information. Both desktop and mobile versions of the Assistant tool are accessible within Workday and other natural workspaces, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

While utilizing Assistant, users can:

  • Give colleagues feedback
  • Create a supervisory organization or define a location change
  • Request time off and check PTO balances
  • View manager and employee details from any location

Assistant interprets user input and responds accordingly using natural language processing (NLP), a technique used to evaluate, comprehend, and extract meaning from human language. This mimics human behavior and enables conversational interactions between users and their Workday system.

For instance, users can ask, “What is my vacation balance?” or “How much time do I have for vacation?” to find out how much vacation time they’ve accrued. Because people ask questions differently, Assistant leverages statistical modeling and machine learning functionality to ascertain the user’s intents and deliver consistent responses for each user.

Workday for Slack and Microsoft Teams

Workday for Microsoft Teams and Workday for Slack allow users to integrate typical Workday tasks into their natural workspaces, extending Workday’s functionality and facilitating collaboration across platforms. 

Team members can view the following Workday tasks directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams after installing the Workday app:

  • Build Expenses
  • Time Off Balance & Request
  • Coworker Search
  • Endless Feedback
  • Ask Workday (Assistant)
  • Interview Feedback

Workday Help

Workday Help, formerly Workday Answers, is part of Workday’s PEX suite designed to enable organizations to use Workday’s HR case management and knowledge management capabilities to improve employee engagement and productivity.

HR Case Management

HR Case Management streamlines communication between employees and internal experts, allowing organizations to better manage the intake, distribution, and resolution of HR-related problems. This way, employees can focus on their highest-value work rather than completing tedious manual tasks.

HR Knowledge Management

HR Knowledge Management allows users to generate, organize, manage, maintain, and secure critical business objects. 

As the only up-to-date, reliable, and authoritative source of truth, Workday’s knowledge base enhances the employee experience by allowing users to embed photos, videos, and other related content directly into knowledge articles.

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