In the dynamic landscape of higher education, managing student data is crucial for academic institutions striving to deliver exceptional learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students, professors, and other academic faculty.

From managing admissions and course enrollment to tracking academic progress and supporting graduation for eligible students, Workday Student Records offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline administrative business processes and enhance student success.

In this article, we discuss the key features and benefits of Workday Student Records, exploring how it empowers institutions to navigate the complexities of student data management and where our Workday consultants can come in to help.

Understanding Workday Student Academic Records Management

Workday Student Records is a critical part of the Workday Student platform, offering advanced registration and records management tools to help educational institutions manage student data effectively, track academic standing statuses, and enhance service for students and faculty.

With comprehensive records management functionality in Workday Student, users can:

  • Maintain grading schemes and associated record data
  • Manage registration for courses in an academic plan or saved schedule
  • Access academic standings and outline extended transcripts
  • Leverage mobile app functionality to access data and reports on the go
  • Monitor core competencies and learning outcomes for each program
  • Calculate credit transfer unit conversions for accurate student calendars

Key Capabilities of Workday Student Records Management

Curriculum management

Workday’s business process framework enables educational organizations to run concurrent academic lifecycles, monitor program of study relationships, and stack credentials for better academic performance.

The Student Records platform offers a flexible design, allowing users to configure and update academic calendars, policies, and program requirements for specific departments or areas of study.

By leveraging the Workday Student Records platform, educational institutions can gain complete visibility into course demand and academic scheduling and outline faculty schedules that support institutional needs.

Simplified registration

Workday empowers students to take control of their own experiences, offering mobile app capabilities that allow them to register for and track courses on any device.

By accessing course data and other critical registration information anytime, anywhere, students can outline their registration process in a way that meets their needs, proactively solve issues with registering for planned courses, and complete registration for courses as soon as they’re off the waitlist.

Flexible experiences

Workday’s flexible student interface provides a simplified registration experience and enhanced functionality for designing, managing, and optimizing academic policies and calendars that meet the needs of students and administrators.

Users can also leverage advanced end-user reports, dashboards, and self-service capabilities to achieve seamless academic planning and remain agile to respond to changing requirements.

Benefits for Student Users


Enable students to control their own experience by accessing, managing, and updating information, records, and documents from any device.


Showcase and attach core skills and other competencies to courses for deeper data insights and better alignment with critical accreditation requirements.


Leverage Workday Student Financials to automatically detect and respond to changing requirements or elections and keep financial data up-to-date.


Track critical student performance metrics by defining multiple GPAs and configuring GPA calculation processes aligned with existing academic policies.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help setting up a new Workday Student system, navigating complex data exchange processes across departments, or simplifying financial aid and registration for students, Surety Systems has you covered.

Our senior-level Workday consultants have the skills and experience to understand your project needs, outline effective plans of action, and ensure your internal teams are prepared for success long after your initial Go-Live date.

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