Higher education institutions face a unique set of challenges when it comes to attracting and enrolling top-tier talent. Recognizing this, Workday offers a modern, student-first approach to college and university outreach: Workday Student Recruiting.

From personalized communication workflows to data-driven insights, Workday Student Recruiting equips institutions with the tools they need to identify, engage, and enroll top talent effectively.

Read on to learn how the Student Recruiting platform revolutionizes how organizations approach recruitment and how our expert Workday consultants can help you make the most of your existing Workday Student technology.

What is Workday Student Recruiting?

Workday Student Recruiting empowers colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to attract prospective students who are aligned with critical admissions and enrollment initiatives and metrics.

By offering higher-education-focused applications designed for the modern mobile-first educational landscape, Workday Student Recruiting streamlines the end-to-end student and faculty lifecycle and makes it easier for institutions to find students who embrace their culture, values, and expectations.

The Student Recruiting platform enables students and recruiters to:

  • Track actual spend against campaign and event budgets through predefined work tags
  • Manage recruiters and their assignments across specific geographic regions
  • Access mobile capabilities to maximize recruiter productivity
  • Integrate with Workday Cloud Connect to import prospect data and improve service integrations
  • Monitor campaigns, personnel, event communications, and other resources to attract prospects
  • Leverage dashboards and reports to evaluate campaign performance and effectiveness

Key Capabilities of the Student Recruiting Platform

Set measurable recruiting goals

Colleges and universities must understand which types of students are most likely to be interested, apply for, and enroll in their institution to achieve critical enrollment objectives and meet program requirements.

Comprehensive big data repositories and predictive modeling features enable users to set recruiting goals aligned with specific student profiles, determine the attributes of a “best-fit” student, and support specific goals for a critical program area.

Improve recruiter engagement

With historical recruitment technology, recruiters must plan and promote their own recruiting campaigns and events, including managing prospect calls, on-site visits, career fairs, and administrative paperwork at the same time.

By defining core recruiting territories and monitoring recruiting assignments, institutions can gain a complete view of all recruiting information, activities, and communications, such as key prospects, maps, event schedules, and more, in one central location.

Access performance dashboards and reports

Workday Student Recruiting offers intelligent reports and dashboards configured to align with unique roles, enabling employees to track and measure the performance of recruiting campaigns, events, and other activities.

Workday’s built-in reporting functionality allows users to gain insight into key data, such as:

  • Cost per prospect
  • Admissions funnel, percentiles, and conversion rates
  • Progress related to recruitment and enrollment goals
  • Email analytics for emails delivered, opened, and clicked
  • Top-performing events, regions, and other sources
  • Actual event expenses compared to planned budgets

Manage prospect records

With Workday’s intelligent prospect management features, users can enter and manage prospect records from a variety of sources and conduct mobile prospect record entry for improved job efficiency.

Workday Student Recruiting allows users to handle complex issues related to the consolidation of data from multiple sources by identifying, merging, and fixing duplicate records quickly and easily.

Monitor recruiting campaigns and events

After recruitment teams outline organizational goals and recruitment plans, Workday Student Recruiting organizes activities, resources, and key personnel to improve recruiter coordination and attract prospects aligned with critical institutional needs.

Users can also coordinate recruiters, event schedules, and other activities to reach critical student targets and deliver defined communication cycles for a more efficient prospecting cycle.

Partnering with the Best

From outlining plans to implement a new Workday Recruiting module to consolidating financial aid and student records, managing critical student-related tasks, and maintaining communication across project teams, Surety Systems has you covered.

Our senior-level Workday consultants have the skills and experience to understand your needs, organize project resources, and prepare your internal team for success long after your initial Go-Live date.

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