Experience the power of time and attendance management genies!

Powerful time and attendance management genies can be created to facilitate the process of reducing labor cost significantly, while also assisting with compliance on identifying company specific policies, and absence management. Here are 4 genies that can be created to assist.

Genie 1: Review of FTE to Hours Worked

The benefits of creating this genie involves immediate identification of an employee’s full time status and a review of hours worked. Often times, an employee hired to work full time with the benefits that are associated with that status, fail to work the required hours that classify them as a full time employee. When an employee fails to work the required hours, managers often times are forced to find a replacement to meet their staffing needs. By offering additional hours to other employees the possibility of overtime hours increases, or managers may be forced to use contract labor at a higher hourly rate. Based on the specific needs of a company, creating this genie provides /allows a manager to review at the close of each pay period, the opportunity to identify employees who may be at risk of losing their full time status..

Genie 2: Exception Reporting Genies

The goal based on a company’s need is to operationally review and reduce incidental overtime. The purpose of implementing an exception genie is beneficial, providing significant cost saving results. The exception reporting genie provides a summary that will identify any scheduling event that differs from what is scheduled. With schedules in place, and exceptions assigned within the employee rules, exceptions will be generated. By identifying and managing exceptions such as, early in/very early in, late out/very late out, cancelled meal breaks, and unscheduled time ,a manager significantly reduces the chances of overtime. This specifically implemented genie also identifies potential abuses of the system.

Genie 3: Hours Worked including Benefit Hours over 40

Typically, companies require employees who work in excess of 40 hours in a week, that is inclusive of benefit hours have their benefit hours adjusted. Once a genie is created, a manager can immediately identify employees who require this adjustment.

Genie 4: Hours Worked

Week to Date- Managers tasked with budgets, limiting overtime is a priority. Implementing this genie, provides an opportunity of reviewing hours worked any moment within the week to identify potential overtime issues. Managers should review this genie to help identify the correct employee to release when the business demand is low and who to engage in the event that the business demand is high. When this genie is implemented and used, managers are able to make solid decisions on staffing controlling overtime before it happens.