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Kronos Time and Attendance Configuration

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Who, What, Where, When, and Why with Kronos Time and Attendance

The biggest cost of doing business? Labor. It has a make-or-break effect on profitability, making time and attendance management essential. But long gone are the days of manual tracking and reviewing. To maximize productivity and align talent with strategy, taking a real-time, 360º view is crucial. Enter Kronos Time and Attendance.

Kronos Mistakes

Kronos Time and Attendance is a powerful tool and, not surprisingly, the platform’s most-used module. It helps HR managers ensure compliance, understand the true cost of labor, and increase employee engagement. But “most used” doesn’t necessarily mean used to its full potential. Optimizing your Kronos Time and Attendance configuration can help maximize workforce productivity. Want a more holistic view of your employees’ impact on the bottom line? Integrate Kronos’ time and attendance solutions with other enterprise systems.

Need help optimizing your Kronos Time and Attendance configuration? From setting up Kronos Genies, labor allocation rules, and HyperFinds to ERP integration, Kronos Timekeeping to Data Collection setup, Surety’s got you covered. Our senior-level Kronos consultants will help you uncover deeper insights, setting you—and your workforce—up for success.

Ready to fine-tune your Time & Attendance strategy? Let’s chat.

7-Step Plan to Implement Kronos Workforce Mobile

Kronos Workforce Mobile lets employees and managers complete critical administrative functions all from their phone or mobile device. Here are 7 steps to a lock-tight Kronos Workforce Mobile implementation and rollout.

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Complying with California & Kentucky 7th Day Overtime Law in Kronos

California and Kentucky are two states that have enacted a "7th Day Consecutive Overtime" law. If you have employees in either of those states, you'll need to make sure a rule is configured in Kronos to stay compliant. 

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Kronos Workforce Mobile: Information You Need, When and Where You Need It

Take time and attendance to the next level with Kronos Workforce Mobile. By providing access to schedules, labor transfers, and punch-in/out via Workforce Mobile, employees and managers can maximize their productivity and focus on the tasks that matter.

Get started with Kronos Workforce Mobile today.

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