It’s a common misconception that human resources is only responsible for hiring and managing benefits. While that would be a pretty sweet gig, it couldn’t be further from the truth—as anyone in the field will tell you. Though they are responsible for those things, there are many more activities filling the days of an HR professional. Specifics vary from company to company, but there is one commonality: compliance. Though often overlooked from an outside perspective, HR and payroll compliance is one of the most important aspects of the job.

“Most” Cutting HR & Payroll Compliance Corners

HR and payroll professionals are responsible for ensuring compliance with labor (Fair Labor Standards Act), discrimination (Civil Rights Act), medical leave (Family Medical Leave Act), and many, many more employment-related laws. Complying with these laws, regulations, and statutes is critical. Despite this, The Kronos Institute’s “Risky Business Survey” found most participants admit they have seen “questionable” practices related to HR and payroll compliance—though not intentionally.

“HR and payroll professionals are among the most thoughtful, passionate, and meticulous professionals within any organization. They don’t cut corners because they’re careless: usually, it’s because they’re overburdened, understaffed, or lack the proper resources required to handle anything above and beyond the day-to-day activities required to run the department.”

– Joyce Maroney, Executive Director, The Workforce Institute at Kronos

Tips to Ensure HR & Payroll Compliance in Kronos

Not following HR and payroll-related laws—even unintentionally—can have significant consequences for HR, employees, and the company. To help you stay compliant, we’ve rounded up some great resources to help you ensure HR and payroll compliance in Kronos.

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