In today’s evolving world of enterprise technology, Google’s success has allowed it to remain a solid and innovative force. Workday, a newer technological solution and a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications, has proven to be a dynamic human capital management offering for business users. 

With Google Workday integrations, companies can establish synergy between their critical business solutions. Companies can streamline their people operations by combining Google’s dynamic business applications with the comprehensive human resources (HR) and financial solutions provided by Workday.

Read on to learn more about which Google and Workday solutions work together and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help your team navigate integrations between the two.

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud delivers the largest enterprise platform, comprehensive infrastructure, and intelligent industry solutions to help businesses digitize business operations and accelerate time-to-value for critical users.

By using Google’s leading technology, companies can access enterprise-level solutions on the cleanest cloud in the market, enabling better data management and more efficient connections between systems. 

Google Cloud is a trusted partner for customers in more than 200 countries. It provides innovative solutions that support growth across teams and address their most critical business issues in a single, unified platform.

What is Workday?

Workday uniquely offers customers a comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud applications for HR and finance management, helping customers adapt to evolving industry trends and prosper in a dynamic workforce environment.

Medium-sized businesses and large enterprises worldwide have embraced Workday applications to handle their critical financial management, human resources management, spend management, talent development, and analytics needs. 

Workday enables customers to plan, execute, evaluate, and expand their core business processes within one unified system and implement technologies that can adapt as their company grows at an accelerated pace.

Why Are Integrations Between Google and Workday Important?

With the rise of remote and hybrid work patterns, organizations must implement digital initiatives to boost worker productivity and promote stronger operational resilience. This involves using cloud-based enterprise solutions that enable workers to access data and apps securely and effectively. 

With millions of users worldwide, Workday supports financial and HR departments in accessing, managing, and storing data in a comprehensive platform, regardless of the location of each department across their enterprise organization.

Workday and Google Cloud have established a strategic partnership that gives customers more options to suit their unique business demands. 

On the scalable and dependable architecture of Google Cloud, customers can implement Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), and Workday Adaptive Planning solutions for improved business connectivity.

Understanding Google and Workday Integrations

Here are a few examples of how Google and Workday products work together:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, offers intelligent email and productivity tools for business users. By integrating a Workday account and Google single sign-on technology, employees can access their Workday applications with their Google login credentials and expedite the login process.

Workday and Google Drive

Workday and Google Drive can be connected to facilitate more efficient document management and sharing across the entire organization, including training materials, performance evaluations, employment contracts, and more.

Workday and Google Calendar

Organizations can set up integrations that link Workday’s HR and scheduling data with Google Calendar functionality. This way, organizations can manage employee schedules and leave requests and ensure work calendars align with HR policies.

Google Workspace and Workday Payroll

Workday and Google Workspace can be combined to help with document sharing and HR-related communication about payroll, benefits, requesting time-off and other critical HR issues.

How Can We Help?

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Even better, our support extends beyond your initial Go-Live date to ensure you have everything you need to be successful in the long run.

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