Workday Peakon Employee Voice allows staff members to freely express their opinions, ask questions, and offer feedback about things that matter to them in the workplace without feeling overwhelmed. 

With Workday Peakon, users can create accurate and reliable datasets that enable leaders to generate actionable recommendations and maintain up-to-date data insights. Contextualized benchmarks also provide users with an accurate visualization of their current performance and make comparisons with teams of similar size, composition, and industry requirements.

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What is Workday Peakon?

Workday Peakon Employee Voice is a platform designed to enable employee success and transform input into actionable insights. By leveraging Peakon Workday functionality, companies can collect real-time employee input, analyze it, and offer the insights needed to accelerate business growth.

The Workday Peakon Employee Voice platform offers individualized employee training sessions, suggested actions, and frequent surveys to drive actionable insights and increase employee engagement.

Key Features of Workday Peakon

Here are some of the main features of the Workday Peakon Employee Voice platform:

1) Create a People-Centric Employee Listening Strategy

Lower attrition expenses and improve agility

With accurate attrition risk projections based on real-time feedback from various employee groups and a standardized dataset of employee feedback, companies can avoid expensive turnover and improve retention over time.

Provide individualized experiences to gain deeper insights

By asking the right questions and connecting with the right individuals, users can take more focused action and create better visualizations across the entire employee experience.

Manage Important Aspects of the Employee Experience

With customizable dashboards, accurate employee lifecycle data, and real-time insights and reports, users can improve employee experiences and address the underlying causes of disengagement and burnout.

2) Boost People Initiatives

Improve communication between employees and managers.

Give managers the tools to close the feedback loop, improve collaboration, accelerate response times, and initiate private, two-way dialogues.

Motivate everyone to take action

Utilize contextual learning resources based on priorities and recommended actions to enhance team performance and boost employee productivity.

Meet your team where they are

With mobile and kiosk capabilities, Peakon users can stay in touch with supervisors and deskless staff while streamlining the feedback-gathering process in more than 60 languages.

3) Unlock the Potential of Workday

Utilize a multisource dataset to inform your selections

Combine real-time customer sentiment data with human capital management (HCM) data to access the most recent insights and dive deeper to uncover workforce insights.

Sync employee data with automated integration

With native and seamless integrations, companies can accelerate performance, reduce errors, and save time. Workday Peakon Employee Voice’s automated HCM updates help users stay up-to-date with the rapid pace of development.

Recognize business metrics and impacts

With Workday Peakon, companies can recognize the connection between employee satisfaction and business KPIs, including sales growth, absenteeism, customer satisfaction, attrition, and more. Users can also integrate Workday analytics tools with employee sentiment data and data from external systems for additional analysis.

Benefits of Workday Peakon

Here’s a look at some of the main advantages of Workday Peakon for business users:

  1. Increase Employee Engagement
    Workday Peakon enables managers to understand employee sentiment and support them in working efficiently and achieving successful business outcomes.
  2. Boost Employee Retention
    With Peakon, users can recognize when top talent is likely to leave and take steps to improve engagement and keep them on board.
  3. Empower Leadership Development
    Workday Peakon empowers leaders with practical and actionable training plans based on actual data and supported by trusted business processes.
  4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    By leveraging Workday Peakon, organizations can find new ways to concentrate on diversity and inclusion and make more informed decisions.
  5. Encourage Employee Health and Well-Being
    Peakon technology allows organizations to proactively approach employee management and modify programs as needed to meet their evolving needs.
  6. Transformation and Change
    With Peakon, companies can put their employees at the heart of their transformation initiatives to maintain progress and boost business performance.

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