In an era where data is the new currency, harnessing its full potential can significantly drive business innovation and efficiency. Infor Data Lake is a powerful data management solution that enables organizations to collect, store, and analyze both structured and unstructured data in real-time.

This article discusses the key capabilities and benefits of Infor Data Lake, exploring how it empowers businesses to gain deeper insights, improve decision-making, and unlock new opportunities by seamlessly integrating and analyzing diverse data sources within a scalable and secure environment.

How Does the Infor Data Lake Work?

Infor Data Lake, an integral part of the larger Infor OS ecosystem, enables users to collect data across the entire enterprise landscape, from disparate applications to IoT infrastructure. By delivering a flexible data consumption framework and schema-on-read intelligence, Infor Data Lake makes it easier for organizations to collect and analyze big data, streamline analytics and machine learning strategies, and improve decision-making.

Here are a few core capabilities included in Infor’s comprehensive data architecture:

  • Integrated Infor OS experience for customers
  • Flexible data management and warehousing strategies
  • Comprehensive access to the Infor ecosystem
  • Data ingestion with Infor ION and API Gateway
  • Metadata-driven management tools powered by Infor Data Catalog

Key Components of Infor’s Data Architecture

Data Lake Storage

Data Lake Storage provides a unified repository for the collection and storage of enterprise data, enabling organizations to improve analytics capabilities, create robust machine learning processes, and enhance decision-making across business units.

Data Lake Metagraph

Data Lake Metagraph provides a graphical modeling experience that enables users to create a virtual network for relevant data and facilitate flexible data insight use cases. It provides a relational layer to assemble data objects and datasets based on existing metadata relationships within the Data Catalog.

Infor Data Catalog

Data Catalog offers a complete suite of services and user experiences that promote a better understanding of enterprise data, track critical changes, and maintain a centralized security reference layer.

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